Declassified new Russian automatic two-media

Declassified new Russian automatic two-media
Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense has declassified some promising properties of the two-media machine DT 5.45mm. This is stated in the state corporation «Rosteh» which comes in the Tula KBP. The gun was presented at the exhibition «Interpolitech 2013», held in Moscow from 22 to 25 October 2013.

Small cannon, already adopted by the Russian Federation Government Resolution adopted as expected lately will be supplied to the Navy SEALs. Automatic test operation has already passed in the North and the Far East to the Black Sea. Development machine was conducted in 2000 by the Central Design Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting guns (TsKIB SOO) Tula KBP.

ADS was developed based on the general design proposed by Vasily Gryazev gunsmith. Automaton, whose mass is 4.6 with a grenade launcher kilogram created by the scheme bullpup and uses for firing ammunition caliber 5,45 x39 mm. The length is 685 mm guns. DSA rate of 800 rounds per minute, and the sighting range on land — 500 meters.

For firing a machine gun used two types of cartridges. So, for firing underwater cartridges are used PSP-LE, and on land — 7N6, 7N6M, 7N10 and 7N22. «Until the moment of underwater real fighters were required to use two kinds of tools — to work underwater and land for a Kalashnikov rifle shooting. At the moment, only need to change the store of ammunition «- said the head of the department of foreign economic relations TsKIB SOO Nikolai Komarov.

Currently, machine made for the Armed Forces, but in the future it will be exported. According to Komarov, «Rosoboronexport» has already begun work on the outdoor advertising market.

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