Destination — the truth (season 4) watch online

Destination - the truth (season 4) watch online
The series invites us to dive into the unique world of extraordinarily interesting adventures of the famous Josh Gates, traveling the world in search of the most sought-after answers. Whenever they find themselves in a completely different exotic places, he interrogates witnesses in an attempt to finally get to the essence of the famous in the world of the supernatural lurking.

Each week, the main character, is indescribably brave and desperate seeker after truth, it is also a small team Shooting of excellent experts sent to the farthest corners of our planet, so successfully getting into extraordinary and thrilling adventures.

In fact, neither Josh nor its team not afraid to set foot there, where others dare not, because they strshnye fans mad risk because fall in the most insecure of the situation — for them the satisfaction. So sit back, and start browsing this interesting applets.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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