Development PAK FA program

Development PAK FA program
Recent months have been marked by significant progress in advancing programs from Russian fighter fifth-generation PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation). October 27, 2013 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur made the first flight of the fifth year experienced standard PAK FA — aircraft T-50-5. November 20 this machine came to pass tests at the airfield of «Flight Research Institute named after MM Gromov » in Zhukovsky near Moscow. First presentation in 2014 meant the PAK FA for Municipal tests, the first step of which is planned to finish in 2015. By the time of the first flight of the T-50-5 were more than 450 flights 4 first flight prototype T-50 — recall that flight tests of the first year experienced the standard T-50-1 was launched January 29, 2010.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant named after Yuri Gagarin (branch of «Company» Sukhoi «) conducted another 4: preparation of prototypes of the PAK FA — aircraft T-50-6-1, T-50-6-2, T-50 and T-7-50-8, which must be submitted before the end of 2014.
Immediately goes into the production stage of the creation of major systems for the PAK FA.

Within applets PAK FA are two promising turbojet bypass engine for this aircraft, both projects are carried out under the auspices made «OPK» Oboronprom «engine-integrated group — OJSC» United Engine Corporation «(APC). At the current time on the PAK FA engines installed the first step («article 117» AL-41F1) developed by JSC «NPO» Saturn «, the creation of which is carried out» Ufa Engine Industrial Association «(UMPO). Engine «article 117» greatest thrust up to 14,500 kg represents the future development of the famous family of AL-31F engines with preservation of their «hot parts» and the introduction of changes to the compressor motor AL-41F («article 20»), previously developed in the framework of another Russian fighter applets fifth generation MFIs. By the time the true engines produced 18 first step («article 117»), four of which are bench tests, and 14 — flight tests as part of the T-50 objects. At today’s stage of development on the main elements of the motor «article 117» made life 750 hours to repair Polga. Being prepared for mass production engine on UMPO.

For the future development of the PAK FA and full merits all its data features, a new engine of the second step («article 30») maximum thrust up to 16,000 kg and more than that should be brought to production by about 2020. Developing motor second step is carried out in cooperation between enterprises Division «engines for combat aircraft» JDC, with all this KB integrator to develop motor branch UMPO defined — «OKB. A.Lyulka. » In co-operation also involved FSUE «STC Gas Turbine» Salute «(Moscow) and JSC» NPP «Motor» (Ufa). In addition, participating in the work of designers and JSC «NPO» Saturn «(Rybinsk) included in another Division JDC -» Engines for civilian aviation. » Head manufacturer serial engines second step will UMPO.
Work on the engine of the second step («article 30») PAK FA include research work to develop a new gas generator comprising a five-speed compressor high pressure combustion chamber and turbine-stage high and low pressure, as research on the development of three-stage low-pressure compressor.
Until the end of 2013 should be completed engineering design of the motor of the second step and released documentation for the production of the gas generator and motor demonstrators. In 2014, scheduled to UMPO: preparation and bench tests experienced gasifiers and engine demonstrator «article 30».
Radar complex weapons control system W-121 aircraft PAK FA with radar N036 with pyatiantennoy system with active phased array (AESA) is created with the leading role of «Scientific Research Institute of Instrument name Tikhomirov» (NIIP Zhukovsky). The structure consists of 5 N036 radar AFAR — active phased array X-band N036-01-1, placed in the front part of the fuselage, two AFAR sidescan N036B and N036B-01, and two AFAR N036L N36L-01 and L-band in socks wing, designed to detect and municipal identification purposes. Also in the RLC comes N036UVS universal computer system. Flight development tests of prototypes RFCs W-121 have been conducted since July 2012 mock-T-50-3 and T-50-4 and is now in a more complete configuration, they will be carried out on the T-50-5. Mass production RFCs W-121 is adjusted by JSC «Ryazan Instrument Plant Council» (GRPZ).

Greater progress in RFCs W-121 is associated with adjusting to a state of mass production the main element radar AFAR — transceiver modules. Creating such modules — broadband microwave amplifiers for PPR, is a whole PCB type GaN — established at FSUE «Scientific-Industrial Enterprise» Istok » (Fryazino, Capital) included in the composition of the holding «Roselektronika.»

Development of modules for microwave radar N036 carried on NPP «Istok» since 2003. On the basis of massive transistors and integrated circuits whole microwave now been developed microwave modules for active phased array combining within itself all the two-way radio antenna channels, the power supply circuit, the cooling system and digital control.

In the current time on the Enterprise «Istok» launched the first line in Russia for the industrial production of transistors and integrated circuits solid microwave. For our country it was a real breakthrough, as early as four years back the whole microwave integrated circuits produced only single specimens. Start this band has permitted to make mass production of microwave sub-modules for radar AFAR.
Taken in the Enterprise «Istok» pilot line for assembling, configuring, testing and mass production of microwave sub-modules AFAR has a capacity of 100 thousand units per year, provided that the development from 2010 serial production of the multilayer low-temperature ceramics (LTSS). Start clay ribbon for this done in the enterprise. Commissioned special section for machining of body parts for microwave AFAR submodules with up to 200 thousand sets of parts per year.

Development PAK FA program

Nasal active phased array X-band N036-01-1 (1522 transceiver modules) radar N036 RFCs W-121 aircraft PAK FA exposure in MAKS-2009

Development of guided weapons for the PAK FA performed JSC «Company Tactical Missiles» (Tactical Missiles Corporation). Complexes rocket guns air-to-air are included in the capital of Tactical Missiles Corporation «State Bureau» Vympel » named after II Toropova. » For the PAK FA «Vympel» is developing promising products «air-air» small, medium and long-range internal accommodation and gradual build-up of their fighting traits.
In the area of ​​short-range weapons are the modernization of the family of R-73. The main focus of its modernization was the creation of «760 products» (RVV-MD) of so-called «second-step modernization.» Properties rocket backfilled by equipping its combined control system comprising a thermal seeker, an inertial system (MIS) and the receiver band radio correction. May be a takeover target after launch on the target designation from the ISU. Transverse dimension of 320 x 320 missiles mm. It can capture the goal line movement and when you start to make a U-turn at 160 degrees. Stated that «article 760» municipal passed tests and is ready for serial production.
It also creates a virtually brand new short-range missiles, close air combat and highly maneuverable missile defense, designated K-MD («article 300»). The missile is armed with a matrix thermal GOS to determine the type and inflated twice range of capture. Dual-mode engine with an operating time of up to 100 seconds and three-channel gas flow control device. Tests missiles expected in 2014-2015.

In the field of medium-range weapons are the modernization of the R-77. Improved version of the first rocket was «article 170-1». The next step of modernization was «product 180» (RVV-SD). Lattice rudders changed to non-folding flat handlebars. The missile is armed with the latest multi-mode active-passive radar seeker. According to the known data, batch creation RVV-SD should be initiated in 2013.

A separate line of development of missiles R-77 family is the creation of a «product-PD 180» over-range missiles, and rockets with index «181C product.» In addition, the «Vympel» is the creation of medium-range missiles of the latest design.
In the area of ​​long-range weapons for the PAK FA «Vympel» doing work on the modernization of the R-37. Based on «articles 610m» developed a new «article 810». This rocket must be located in the inner compartments of the PAK FA. Tests are scheduled for 2014-2015.

As armament air-to-surface on the PAK FA «first steps» meant to use a range of new weapons companies KTRV — developed of «SSPE» Region » corrected air bombs KAB-250 caliber 250 kg (presumably has a combined satellite and semi-active laser guidance system), anti-radar missiles Kh-58USHK (developer of «GosMKB» Rainbow «them. Bereznyak AY») and modular guided short-range missile family X-38 (developer KTRV parent company).

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