Diary of a Writer: A businessman-patriot

Businessman-patriot wants to cash in on the blue-eyed country, to sell advertising cards: the remains of the walls, some towers, Stalin's empire, but has not yet obtained. I would like to feast, champagne, marry his Khoroshun, juggle grenades on the joys, all Kusturica.

Our cinema

You look at the dark windows on the hotel area and you realize that the tank in front of the hotel protects the city from the tourist invasion. Stretch marks are gone unnoticed and billboards "City Museum" Intourist they are not pointed. Only a giant screen in the square of the Soviet advertises miraculously survived the old stone buildings. But silence is a silent movie, to the sound of the scoreboard saved. We throw up their hands — ah, what we raisins architecture, marks something we hasten to explain rachym eyes as in the days of Charlie Chaplin, but we do not hear.

So, our movie in black and white, silent, clenching his teeth twist, once again not to be humiliated — "the Soviet sobstsvennaya pride!" Yes tricks: half-operative survey, half-rose-colored glasses, and want to cry — do not believe it! A that sayss about foreigners? Or vzrushatstsa of our advertising kaleidoscope: cheerfully go on field combines and tractors, these shots — a smart cap a la Muammar someone zuhava swallow a frog without cooking, the next break on the skull brick, grateful farmers with a sheaf in the arms of …

Square for Stalin

If I was the minister of tourism, padrahavav to mind: what we have that others do not have? Dictatorship, Andropov's Office, the police will soon become a rarity … Is that all. Sparsely. But you have to appreciate what we have, "this is our home, son." Lithuanian-neighbor shows his Lithuanian acquisition, sometimes — the Soviet scars. "Souvenir" too — statues and busts or square glasses with risks: for Lenin, for the party, for Stalin …

In folklore, with some of my palaces, castles, too, something we umstvuem. But the rest of us, in all seriousness: arms at his sides, a hand to his cap! Before the dictatorship itself, which we are together and pyshymsya ernichayu with her about it. The dictatorship — it's terrible, but horror is not for sale (because it is sacred!), A a fortiori can not be bought by least voluntarily. Fact: While foreign tourists do not want their money to feel the fear is real, and not as an attraction.

Dracula — piece goods

We need your Dracula, our, own, "made in Belarus" — uzbudilasya somehow smart idea! Sorely lacking because of the national tourist hero, covered with legends, mystery, fear … But the two Dracula will not happen, though, maybe Ivan Drakulavich would not hurt.

Attracts, draws the eye Belarusian Danube country to its former style. Said domestic same diplomat in Ceausescu's Romania was a model country. We would like that! In the sense — in Romanian "exemplary" and with its own oil, the Western presidents to friends even kicked, to encourage opposition to the Kremlin position.

Do not argue with intellectuals: our country it is easy to compare with Romania — the size, orthodoxy, communist samavladtva. Any foreigner train knows Dracula and Ceausescu. Both are extremely advantageous to attract tourists. Truth: The Communist leader — a hot sauce for the main course in the Romanian tourist desk.

Our capabilities, it is clear stsipleyshyya. One can only dream, jealous of the Orthodox Romanians. But under the stale stone water will not fall. Kusturica, our new friend, why? Let us make a movie about: that is stupid and laughed, but suitcases button up immediately. To finally lit windows in the hotel for foreign tourists near the tank.

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