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The new century society still a teenager, but what! It is difficult to imagine that a dozen years ago there was no Facebook, no Learn to listen to music, to belts fastened Walkmans, the word hacker known only to hackers.

Someone once apparently does, that freedom did in 1999, when collected all the most important words century and tried to explain ih.Ezhednevno the air sounded an essay about one word — year was not a leap year, but had accumulated more than 365 words — some of the words sounded twice in different versions.

Magazine "Arche" printed all of this annual program as a separate issue, but in the version I was told that it was their most successful edition.

Wrote the foreword to the publication of Vasil Bykov, writer, listener and friend of the Belarusian Freedom. In This year, We will prepare and set the entire program on the Internet as a PDF book. And yet — a few words century.

                                                                   Alexander Lukashuk


Vasil Bykov

Apparently, at the dawn of its existence, mankind has learned the magical power of words. The word has become a powerful tool in the age-old struggle between good and evil, truth and lies. That word-appeal, in short, the team won in wars and revolutions, especially when people have not learned dyferentsyyavats secret meaning of words, to understand their sometimes ugly combination. If the Russian Bolsheviks brought down on the heads of subjects of the empire vzrushlivyya words, slogans (factory — the workers and the land — the farmers, the world — people), those and so they understand — they clear the concrete sense. And were fatally deceived.

Sell it repeated many times, and to confront it could only true word.

With the onset of the Cold War, the Communist leadership "strengthened" own word total lie, to which iron despotism, giving rise to the famous Iron Curtain. Yes, the word of truth has shown a remarkable ability — it was done elusive and exceed all sorts of barriers. She was born the great idea of free radio, which in 1949 took the form of the corporation "Free Europe". That radio has led to the destruction of all kinds of wall barriers, including iron. And also the most advanced in the century of lies, which is a communist idea.

Achieve, apparently, was not easy, but very important. All of Eastern Europe the death in prison of poisonous datura, who, after the victory over German fascism has increased many times. Destroyed by the war, Europe raspolovinit little could be done to get rid of it, but a lot of America did. States once again testified before humanity strong democratic principles, devotion to the ideas of freedom. The effect was great, and criminal lie scattered. Despite the perfect system jammers, on the prosecution of a hearing on terror to free transmitters and local journalists on espionage in their ranks. Prisoners nations coveted the truth, and this truth with astonishing regularity rushed through the Radio "Liberty." Belarusians, together with the other peoples of Eastern Europe will always be grateful to this radio. Generations of students have had a number of years, the only source of independent information, objective knowledge is through radio "Liberty — Free Europe."

Not so long ago, the Russian service of "Freedom" broadcast transmission featuring former specialist on the former Soviet glushenni. There have been some interesting examples from his practice, but nothing was mentioned about the Belarusians. Meanwhile, still in memory, an interesting case from Minsk, when two friends, of course, lends itself well to the output as a result of a summer day, listening to "Freedom". Apparently, listening to him was not so easy, as it happened in the street Kozlov where near the graveyard at the Church of St.. Roch constantly buzzing tall masts Broadcaster glushennya. Then two drunken amateurs, of course, outraged by blatant violation of their civil rights, headed for a near pass glushelni. They easily overpowered the sleepy watchman there, took away his revolver, but then not many have time — not enough time, and apparently radyeerudytsyi to skillfully turn off the entire system glushennya. They soon tried, and again they heard the voice of "Liberty" soon.

And listen, by the way, was that. Not only Russian, but the Belarusian service of "Freedom", in spite of the resistance of the Eastern European regimes, expand the horizons of its coverage. Every day at a certain time after jamming was traskotstse information about the many adversities of life prisoner, the chronicle of a strained culture, stolen Belarusian history. The voice of Joseph Boreyko convince Belarusians that they are worthy of the past, Larissa Veras daily talked about smothered democratic values in Belarus.

Since the beginning of the surrogate ads of independence of the Belarusian service of Radio "Liberty" is even more intensified, in its editorial, a new generation of talented and dedicated Belarusian journalists. No stranger to the traditional political and cultural order, they made a major commitment painful problem of independence of Belarus and trampled human rights in the country. And that was right, because there is now more important for us, crucial values than those values of human and social existence. That clearly recognizes the international community, the countries which kindly help radio stations in the implementation of its honorable mission. Only authoritarian regimes, among them Belarus, refuse such cooperation prohibit retranslyavats "Freedom" on their territories.

However, as before, the role of the "Liberty" in the political life of Belarus can not be overemphasized, listen to her in the cities and villages, listen to the workers, peasants and intellectuals. Listen to the Belarusians and Belarusians — all citizens of the country. "One joy for me — a meeting with you on the" Freedom "as well as" Our Niva "- wrote to the editor listener Maria Kirkevich. Apparently, her words could be joined by thousands of Belarusian participants of" Freedom. "

Thus, the value of "freedom" in the life of the Belarusian and Belarusian politics much. It is useful to remind the whiteRussian language, the implementation of which the Belarusian life "Freedom" does almost every day. In the mouth of its journalists, especially journalists, it becomes extremely delicate sound that against the background of the modern Belarusian sacred silence gives hope: such language can not disappear, it would be a crime against history. One can only be glad that it is understood and listeners. "It has long been listening to your radio. Thanks to him, I fell in love with the language, our country and all the people," — writes in "Freedom" student Nicholas Veshtort from Minsk.

Invaluable service of the Belarusian "Liberty" in the fact that she returned the Belarusian history, many names of its best sons — politicians, writers, artists, religious leaders. We did this at a time when the Belarusian authorities considered them one by enemies of the people, and some people actually think for such day. She also gave to say about myself honestly Belarusian emigration, which for many years the Bolshevik regime denounced as traitors and fascists, and revealed the true faces of the executioners of the people, those whose efforts in Belarus were buried dozens of Kurapaty.

In recent years, our "Freedom" has gained considerable experience in covering the complex and sometimes confusing political life in Belarus, in a study of its cultural heritage. Young journalists of "Freedom," which recently emerged from dictatorship censored space, experienced a flowering of his talent brought to the "Freedom" difficult, dramatic experience of the struggle for freedom of information against the powerful pressure of special services. It is interesting and important that all this is done property of the broad masses of Belarus, who can no longer imagine life without a free media, which tirelessly every day brings them "Freedom."

"Freedom", "Free Europe" have become reliable crutches modern European democracy. We know how appreciated their Estonian President Lennart Meri, highlighting the Nobel Prize. Belarusians strongly support this initiative and will sincerely congratulate our "freedom", if that initiative is true. "Freedom" deserves.
                                                                                   Vasil Bykov


Ryhor Baradulin

Radio. Edited with a cup of pine st wire came in Belarusian cities and towns in the 30s. Fold black mushrooms grown over the loudspeakers squares. Radio — and it sang it and read poetry, it reported the news, and most of all campaigned for the Soviet regime. That's grandmother said — under the new pryzhyme.

Radio was a serious competition cock. According to him, the time determined by radio, listening to the radio for the rest of mood. This is even papevka — "My cutie ill, barely moving his feet — only reach the threshold, listen to the radio …"

After every war, perhaps the third word — radyeslove — was "Stalin". Were poor, his father died, and then the whole grim house — "Stalin, Stalin, Stalin …" — Oratorio. Mom pulls the plug but just abruptly: "… Sralin."

In the 60s three days repeated litradyemantazh called poem Maxim Tank "Executed batch job" …

Considered the greatest sedition listen radio voices — all external radio that telling the truth about the evil empire. Intensified ideological insanity, intensified propaganda radio voice. Already on radio Vladimir Yurevich, beautifully hosted a program "Living Word", the children were sent a riddle: "No beer and no eating, crying, as distraught. Who? — Belarusian radio."

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