Dmitry Uss: On the complaint of a few pages turned down two lines

The prosecutor's office responded to a complaint regarding falsified Dmitry Uss, as he believes the criminal case against him. Dmitry Bondarenko finished acquainted with the case. Paul continues Seviarynets in prison to write a novel.

Dmitry Uss said, "Freedom", the case against him andStatkevich sent for review to the Leninsky district court of Minsk. Date of start of the process is not yet known who the judge will conduct business — too.

Let me remind you of ex-presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss, charged with organizing mass riots on December 19. Guilt of the accused did not recognize her. By Dmitry Uss, together with them in the case are still a few activists.

Dmitry Uss also spoke about the response to his complaint to the inspector, who was his business. Dmitry dig asked to withdraw the criminal case against the investigator, as he believes that he faked the evidence against him. Prosecutors, however, believes that the reason to bring to justice the investigator, no.

"And the second point: the two lines written about my application instituting proceedings against the investigator. That the prosecutor allegedly believes that sufficient evidence of my guilt. But on the facts, which I reported on the inspector, the real test they were not. "

Reporter"It is you sought legal action against the inspector?".

Mustache"So. I believe that he had fabricated materials. A prosecutor's office did not even checked, and just wrote two lines that enough evidence to bring a case against me. And what I wrote to them, there is really nothing not checked. Engaged in lawlessness. "

Even during the investigation in January Dmitry Uss told reporters that investigators require him to specify Statkevich, who allegedly organized the riots on December 19. Instead, according to Dmitry Uss, he promised that he would remain in the witness. Dmitry Uss on it, said that he would not negotiate Statkevich, he did not see that requires the investigator. In addition, Dmitry Us, by He said, December 19 left the Independence Square before the crackdown began power. As a result, Dmitry Usu yet been charged with organizing mass disturbances, like Nikolai Statkevich.

Dmitry Bondarenko

April 8 coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko finished acquaintance with his criminal case. According to Bondarenko, enough for educating the entire two days, while some other defendants familiar with the case of 5 and more days. Recently it became known that Dmitry Bondarenko aggravated spine disease and it is difficult to walk. How is the prisoner now? His wife Olga Bondarenko said:

"I do not know exactly what it is now with his health. He passed through a lawyer that is not worse, but not better. "

Dmitry Bondarenko still do not allow the transfer of certain products. "Since food diet for it is not canceled, it means that it has not improved, but he does not want to bother me," — says Olga Bondarenko.

Paul Seviarynets

Co-founder of the BCD Paul Seviarynets still in prison to write a novel. Mother of the prisoner says that she has passed two of the drafts of the book's son. But there was a problem: the data from the mother that these drafts it came to Sevyarinets not reach. Apparently, the prison censorship continues extremely tough news for Paul.

"I think my writing, where I write, that it has received a note, do not reach for him. After all, he asks again and again for them the same questions, "- says Tatiana Seviarynets.



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