Dowsing topography UFO landing sites

Dowsing, known in the past as dowsing is based on involuntary deviation, rotation or oscillation of the metal frame in the hands of the operator at his approach to the disturbing objects.

The frame can be made of steel wire with a diameter of 2 mm, a P-obraeny view bent at right angles meet. Often used frame Mr. obraenoy form. One part of the wire length is about 200 mm, and the other part — 100 mm, which, without much effort, it keeps the operator hand at chest level. Long part pointing forward and is horizontal.

When exposed to the object field on the operator a peculiar response to this signal, as expressed in the rotation beyond a certain angle or rotation. The mechanism of dowsing quite correctly described by examining the interaction of lepton fields, a mathematical model which was developed by AF Ohatrnnym.

Topography of the landing sites is conducted to determine the zone boundary energy anomalies and configuration with respect to the point of landing of UFOs. The border zone is detected at multiple operator approach to the proposed landing site from different directions, for example, with four opposed. Error in determining the topography of the area, in general, dependent on the sensitivity and experience of the operator.

Boundary detection zone and the most intense anomalies within its designated flags. Topography of the area applied on a large-scale map of the area showing the features of the landing. As you identify the zone boundaries should respect the basic rules:

1. Group members do not have to search to approach you during its operation;

2. Not to produce a variety of work in both areas;

3. Simultaneously within the zone must be no more than 3 people;

4. The total residence time within the zone for a single person with normal background radiation should not exceed 30 minutes.

Biophysical control exposure to RF radiation on plants UFO Landing

Microwave radiation UFO as damaging factors known in ufology long. Charring roots at a very normal part of a green plant or partial dehydration is usually observed in places of landings or low hovering UFO.

The method of measuring the electrical conductivity of biological structures has been widely used to study changes in their physiological state under the influence of harmful factors: HF ielucheniya, ultrasound, etc. The action of damaging factors, as well as the death of tissue is an increase in membrane permeability, and as a result — an increase of ion fluxes the weakening effect of the polarization of the interfaces, which leads to the fall of the resistance and capacitance of plant tissue at low frequencies. At high frequencies, the polarization is practically no boundaries, so the high frequency impedance is almost unchanged.

Under the action of the damaging factor is reduced dispersion of electrical parameters of the tissue. When complete destruction of tissue there is no dispersion. If the effects of high-frequency microwave radiation resistance changes, it indicates a change in the concentration of free ions in the cells.

BN Turusov to assess tissue viability suggested the use of the polarization coefficient K, which is calculated as the ratio of tissue resistance measured at low frequency (approximately 104 Hz), for resistance measurements at high frequencies (around 106-107 Hz).

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