Drawings on the body — a brand of aliens?

October 25, 2011 4:05

10-year-old town of Erin Moran of Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales sat May evening in 2011 at the attic window in the house and watched the storm. "Suddenly there was a terrible crash, and then we heard the cry of Erin, — says the girl's father, Mark Moran. — She ran us down the stairs. We thought she was just scared of lightning. "

Strange burns

But when Erin started to complain of pain in the left shoulder and thumb, he realized that his daughter should be rushed to the hospital. She had a pattern on the upper arm, resembling the branches of the tree, as well as a red dot on the foot, where, apparently, the lightning came, passing right through her body. Doctors at the hospital were very impressed marks on her arm, and that it thus remained completely healthy!

 Representatives of the Fire and Rescue Service South Wales stated that the injuries the girls were very small and in theory they should have been much worse. Service officer said that he saw a crack at the top of the glass. He also added that he was faced with a similar case for the first 23 years of his life.
Expert on lightning Professor Martin Uman says lightning strikes are extremely rare in the window, but if I get to the people, it is often tension in them is so great that they seem to glide over the skin and leave that person alive. Sometimes even with the drawings on the body.
In UFO in this respect different opinion. They believe that their "ornament" Erin Moran is not acquired as a result of a lightning strike, and after the "dialogue" with … extraterrestrial! Recently, they are somewhat diminished his "artistic fervor," but in the 80's and 90's of last century reports of mysterious "tattoos", to appear on the bodies of people without the tattoo artist, was enough. Including in the Soviet Union.
So, in 1990, in the Krasnodar region was held truly mass "tattooing" of people. Peter W., a resident of the regional center, claimed to have received "distinctive sign" after contact with aliens. They were three, a man, a woman and a dwarf. They invited Peter to ride with them in a fiery ball. "Contactee" declined, but asked to leave anything to memory. Thus at the hand of Peter appeared indelible image in the form of a sickle.
The 12-year-old schoolboy from Krasnodar Sasha A. Countries like hieroglyphics symbols appear one time in the morning. Then on the forehead, then on the body, the feet. Long "characters" did not hold, and gradually disappear, one by one. Phenomenon has been reported by local ufologists. Sasha told me that several times seen in the flat blue-transparent creature head on the ceiling.
In addition to the Krasnodar Territory mass "branding" of people in 1990, it was noted in the Tambov region, as well as in Latvia and Tajikistan.
In June 1990, in Riga, several reports of strange burns. And the victims, and doctors struck an unprecedented form of bright red print on the skin. They were leaves and even whole branches, finely striated, with a clearly visible teeth and veins …
53-year-old worker at galvanizing plant of one of Riga's factories Anne C. felt a burning sensation in the right shoulder blade. Discomfort occurred the next day, after she had been at the beach. I looked in the mirror and saw the mark in the form of branch-trefoil. The same about the shamrock and also found on the right shoulder blade at rizhanka Tamara D. spreading branch-print stretched it almost through the entire back — from the middle vertebrae to the right shoulder. By "style" figures were exactly the same.
A resident of N. Sevdova goto get a tattoo when my husband and I vacationed at the lake. She felt that someone was bitten or stung her in the right shoulder blade. Thought wasp. Husband could hardly discern-point bump. A few weeks later on a bright pink shoulder tread pattern: three butterflies fluttering around. Pattern is preserved to this day. True, it is pink in the summer, in contact with the body of the sun, and in the rest of the year pales.

Radiologists version has not been confirmed

These and other cases initiated statistics unusual physiological effects on the people who initially scientists have linked to the impact on human radiation, since in 1945 the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, according to witnesses, like thermal burns — in the form of leaves and branches — have some residents of these cities after the nuclear explosions.
However, it soon appeared among patients radiologists and those in which the prints were not vegetarian and regular geometric shape, and radiological release shaken.
Meanwhile, the newly discovered evidence of the appearance of the strange marks on the skin after seeing a UFO.
August 14, 1982 a resident of Tambov. Antonina I. held by the river. The day was overcast but warm. Suddenly itching hand, then blushed. Redness gradually took the form of a sheet. Looking up, I saw a rather Antonina high altitude pale pink disc with short white rays. Drive decreased in size and disappeared. By evening, the redness subsided, but the white contour sheet remained for a long time. Only five years later figure disappeared, and then half. And all these years, as if the hand was electrified: bunches of fingers flying sparks.

The mysterious hieroglyphs in Kostroma

January 29, 1993 A resident of Kostroma Andrew, washing up in the morning in the mirror, I saw on the inside of the right elbow is very intricate pattern: an inverted bowl, one and a ring with a diameter of about 2 cm to the left of the unit from the plate came many subtle wavy lines form part of the We bend them to the right and pass through the ring. Showed his wife — her surprise there was no limit. He rubbed his hand — not erased.
Two weeks later kostromchanka Love C. The unusually mark in his neck, under his right ear. It was formed from the lines of pink and looked like a piece of picket fence. Coloring picture was rosy-corporeal, non-uniform, creating the impression of surgical scars. The label does not cause any discomfort — there was no pain or burning. Love tried to erase the drawing, but the label was still there! Ten days tattoo suddenly became white, and line drawing components become as thin as a thread, strip. Soon, outlandish figure was gone.

The rays from the mirror

In 1997, a mysterious tattoo artists has been announced. 12 year-old resident of Tbilisi Tatia Elerdashvili One summer evening at home spinning in dance around the large mirror. Suddenly, out of the depths of his mirror to her stretched "twisted ray" of light, and as it were "danced" on her neck, chest and abdomen. Tatia scared, but decided that it is all imagined.
However, on the eve of the New Year Tatia suddenly felt a strong burning sensation throughout the body. When her parents came running shouting, and saw in her neck relief image of the cross on his chest circle with rays, and on the stomach complex geometric design of curved lines resembling treble clef, fugues, oval and octagonal star.
Message about the strange figures could be seen as yet another duck, if not photos Tatii. Came to her journalists asked a girl to dance, as the figures came out on her body only in moments of inner tension. Tatia spinning in a smooth dance, then he felt a burning sensation, stopped and looked up sweater. On the skin of the abdomen is clearly defined embossed tattoo. Journalists, crossing himself, photographed strange, inexplicable phenomenon.
UFOlogists, engaged in this and other cases of mysterious branding people have come to the conclusion that the invisible maker in each case applied to the body are strictly individual drawings. These were the various types and crosses, and serrated leaves and veins, and various geometric shapes, and the little people, and all sorts of letters and strange characters.
Age "victims" was also different. Drawings on the body appear as teenagers and pensioners. Color drawings ranged from bright red to orange. In some cases, the label of the white, the other in time they were white or fading. Lifetime tattoos — from a few hours to several years. A remarkable feature: the body was naked or covered clothes in the room if there is a person or in the open air, or if the sun shone was rain — tattoos still appearing.
Who makes them? Creatures from parallel worlds or aliens? Years later, the answer is still no, but people still wear on your body mysterious markings.
So, the universe gives us another riddle. How to solve it?
Author: G.Fedotov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unbelievable »№ 18 2011 g


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