Dunja Mijatovic: Belarus violates its commitments to the OSCE

The OSCE Representative on Media Dunja Mijatovic concerned about the pressure on the Belarusian authorities to local and foreign journalists. This is stated in a letter sent Mijatovic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov.

"The government continues to intimidate and harass independent media. This dangerous trend that began after the presidential election on December 19 2010, reached its critical point. These actions flagrantly violate abavyazani Belarus' OSCE .. "- said Mijatovic.

In his letter, she listed the cases when journalists and the media in Belarus were persecuted, especially emphasizing that seriously concerned "about the criminal prosecution of journalists Rockets and Natalia Radina. "

Mijatovic also recalled Martynov on the refusal of the Supreme Economic Court to satisfy the claim of "Autoradio" and "Narodnaya Volya" who tried to challenge the warning made by the Ministry of Information.

In addition, she expressed concern about cases of arrests of Belarusian journalists Ales Asiptsova and Vladimir Laptsevich, and Russian Alexander Lashmankin.

Mijatovic also concerned about the persecution of the correspondent of the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza" in Belarus Andrew Pochobut.

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