Earthlings can call aliens




Konstantin Dmitriev

Technological progress does not stop for a minute. And every minute of it costs about $ 4. In California, began operating the world's first interstellar line telephone services, so that now the voice of earthlings will be heard in almost every corner of our vast universe.

Contact with the "brothers in mind" from now on is no problem. A phone call on a special intergalactic number supplied to the transmitter, and then — on the parabolic radio antenna diameter of 3.5 m, which relays the signal into space. The fee for the conversation goes on to cover the costs of development, operation and maintenance of the system of interstellar phone. In general, manual dexterity, and no cheating, what do you think? The creators of "Intergalactic Communication System" note that it fully meets the requirements of the FCC and uses strictly dedicated radio frequency band.

By the way, this is the band is not accidental. "The system works in the area of the radio spectrum that is sure to be heard by extraterrestrial civilizations, if they exist. Signal can be heard in the vicinity of about 400 billion stars." In general, any housewife who decides on the phone to tell her friend about the latest alien twists and turns of family relationships, there is a good chance to hear the other end of the tube understands the gibberish (hissing, wheezing).

It must be said that large-scale projects such as interstellar phones are in great demand in the United States. So, a few years ago, there was widely advertised saving the Earth by yogis. His inspirations argued that, having collected just something a few million dollars, Tibetan yoga will take to the air for a few meters and collective meditation stop the war and other misfortunes on our small planet. They say, the estimate was exceeded by several times. Of course, human life is worth the money, however, the saving mission somehow heard.

By the way, in America, the idea to call the aliens very popular. A couple of weeks ago in Florida began to work almost the same network. So, perhaps, before competition comes! So, once again, it turns out that making money out of thin air or, for example, from vacuum easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, profitable.


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