Earths magnetic field — the good or harm?

This article is not a revelation of various "masters" and "lord", as the information was obtained through various intricate practices and communication with spirits.

Earth's magnetic field - the good or harm?
This material is the author's thinking. Just at some point there is a fairly interesting logical sequence of facts and events. I apologize in advance for possible inaccuracies and blunders. I would be grateful for criticism and possible additions. I would like to hear from people who know.

I want to talk about the magnetic field of the Earth. Plenty of information about him and the whole reduced to one — Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from the harmful effects of the sun and cosmic destructive energies gives us the solar wind.

The destruction of the magnetic field threatens destruction of all life on Earth, etc. etc. Neither more nor less than the death of the entire period.

But is it really? Try to understand. What is so pernicious and destructive may be present in the solar wind?

We will not torture yourself searching and turn to Wikipedia:
With? Lnechny ve? Ter (English Solar wind) — stream of ionized particles (mostly helium-hydrogen plasma) flowing out of the solar corona at a rate of 300-1200 km / s in the surrounding space. Is one of the main components of the interplanetary medium.

Many natural phenomena associated with the solar wind, including space weather phenomena such as magnetic storms and auroras.

For other stars, the term is used a stellar wind, so that in relation to the solar wind can say "stellar wind of the Sun."

Do not confuse the concept of "solar wind" (a stream of ionized particles) and "sunlight" (photon flux). In particular, it is the effect of the pressure of sunlight (not wind) is used in the projects of the so-called solar sails.

Due to the high conductivity of the solar wind magnetic field of the sun is frozen in the outflowing winds and currents observed in the interplanetary medium in the form of the interplanetary magnetic field.

The solar wind forms the border heliosphere, thus prevents the interstellar gas in the solar system. The magnetic field of the solar wind weakens considerably coming from outside the galactic cosmic rays.

The solar wind creates the Solar System, has a magnetic field, such phenomena as the magnetosphere, auroras and the radiation belts of planets.

And from this stream of ionized particles have with you and saves the magnetic field.

On the magnetic field is known that it is not constant and the power to change it. It seems that even installed a series of his maximum and minimum force 4,000 years. You can also find information about the magnetic field is closely related to the Earth's ionosphere. It is also known that the magnetic and electromagnetic field similar in nature.

Here is when in doubt. Is solar wind brings deadly particles? Or maybe the opposite? May be particles that shares with us the sun, is not harmful, and that they provide us the necessary energy. Is the Earth's magnetic field shields artificial created (or enhanced — see below) to block this energy.

Our ancestors called Dazhbog sun. Is it just for the fact that the sun gave them warmth and light of the people worshiped and idolized? Maybe the sun gave anything else? Maybe it was something, and the energy that gives us the solar wind?

Today, a lot of speculation over climate weapons. We all know the American installation HAARP, installed in several places. Supposedly, with their help, through the impact on the Earth's ionosphere Americans can influence the weather.

The ionosphere is directly connected with the magnetic field of the Earth. I think talk of a climate weapon is dust in the eyes. The real challenge is to strengthen the plants HAAPR magnetic field of the Earth!

With the same purpose built another monster — the Hadron Collider, which is essentially a giant electromagnet. The whole world is packed with appliances, surrounded with high-voltage wires and penetrated through waves of different nature. That there are only one metro in cities all over the planet — it's a huge emitters of electromagnetic waves. By the way, announced an unprecedented construction of Metro in Moscow is probably connected with this.

As we know in times of so-called magnetic storms, crashes electronics, as well as people meteodependent experience health problems. We are told that the cause is disturbance on the Sun. But is it? As is well known, and the USSR and the USA studied the energy of the solar wind, the launch vehicle into space and successfully explored. These devices were headed in solar and wind, and nothing is broken, successfully complete the task and send the data to Earth. But electromagnetic field, then I think physicists would agree with me, can easily interfere with the operation of electrical appliances.

Do not use the comrades who control the world, the above amplifiers to the time of emission of solar energy at the right time to increase the protective effect of the magnetic field of the Earth?

It is possible that the disruption of satellites, deterioration of health and damage to transformers, computers and other devices are just a consequence of these manipulations.
Perhaps these manipulators are able to control the magnetic field, but they do so only in a "one-way" — in the direction of increasing its power. Incomprehensible that having the opportunity to reduce the field, they would not use it for the purpose of admission, "nasty" Solar what any of the "inconvenient countries." It gives every reason to believe that the energy from the solar wind is not fatal, but divine by nature and its penetration to the Earth is a direct threat to the rulers of the world and does not fit into their plans. For them, it is fraught with not only the loss of power and loss of life, the total yield of the situation out of control.

People in the world are trapped in the siege, under a kind of hood in jail if you want. Exactly who holds us in this state, I do not know. The powers that or aliens, dark creatures, parasites have no idea.

In turn, includes information about the change of the poles and the possible failure of the magnetic field of the earth for a few days. It was said that people can get away from this crazy. It is possible that solar energy will bring people to the truth, to accept that not everyone can. Is this intentional stuffing, to anyone who received a dose of energy to declare mad and dangerous to the public and subject to liquidation, not for nothing that the U.S. coffins stocked))))

Now popular works of Nikola Tesla. Various coils, generators, transformers. I may be wrong here, and again I apologize. If power is the ability to create an electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic field of electricity could be generated. Tesla found a way to draw energy from the magnetic field of the Earth. It scared manipulators, they washed his brains and Tesla destroyed his development, because I was sure that if the Earth's magnetic field will disappear or diminish, it will lead to the death of all life on the planet. Then nuthouse, then we all know how it ended.

And humanity is increasingly becoming dependent on electricity. Mobile communications, computers, televisions, microwave, or other objects of everyday life. This makes one cell in a huge network to produce electromagnetic fields, aimed at maintaining the "protective shield."

There are suggestions that the Egyptian pyramids, and construction in China, Bosnia and elsewhere were a kind of power. Maybe they just ate the sun's energy, which is available on the Earth today blocked. And not produce electricity, and the energy of another kind?

Happy one, the magnetic field decreases, the solar activity increases, so everything was okay. The shield is broken! The sun will not leave their sons.

Thanks, good luck to all!

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