Ecological situation in Moscow is getting worse day by day because of the heat

Hot weather, established in Moscow, has a negative impact on the environment — air pollution continues to grow, according to RIA Novosti on Wednesday specialist GPBU "Mosekomonitoring."

The heat is in the capital for about a week. On Tuesday, the air in the capital has warmed up to plus 30 degrees. As the anticyclone maintained that position for the next three days will remain sunny and hot weather, but the record heat wave is not expected. On Thursday, meteorologists predict a slight weakening of the heat — up to 26 degrees, and the output will again be very hot.

"Compared to the previous day recorded environmental degradation. Wednesday in Moscow have an increased level of air pollution. Rising concentrations recorded at the expense of dispersion of emissions in the atmosphere, primarily due to calm weather and the lack of vertical mixing of the air at night and early in the morning , "- said the source.

He clarified that recorded exceedances of standards as one-off concentrations: in nitrogen oxide — by 1.8 times, to fine particulate matter — 1.4 times for hydrogen sulfide — 1.3-1.5 times.

"In general, the concentrations at night and in the morning was the highest in the last month," — said the ecologist.

According to him, in the afternoon air mixing process is significantly improved, the concentration of harmful substances in relation to the morning has declined several times. In the afternoon, the excess is unlikely.

"Anticyclone, air mass in which the last three days of polluted (in the night and morning hours most intense), will leave the metropolis. Replaced with a new air mass, more pure. Therefore the level of air pollution in general will go down, but for night and morning hours likely short-term excess of permissible standards while the "- said the expert.

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