Economic coercion of slaves for continuous operation

Economic coercion of slaves for continuous operation

• Modern slave forced to work without stopping to death, because money earned slave for 1 month, enough to pay for housing for 1 month, 1 month in food and travel for 1 month. Since there is enough money in the modern slave is always only one month, the modern slave forced to work your whole life to death. The pension is also a great fiction, as a slave, a pensioner pays his entire pension for housing and food, and a slave-pensioner is left free money.

• The second mechanism hidden coercion of slaves to work is to create an artificial demand for goods psevdonuzhnye imposed upon servant by TV advertising, PR, location of goods at certain locations store. The modern office is involved in an endless race for "novelty", and this has to continue to work.
• The third hidden mechanisms of economic coercion modern slaves is a credit system, with the "help" of a modern slaves more and more drawn into the credit bondage, through the mechanism of "lending rate".
• The fourth mechanism of modern slaves get to work on a hidden slave is the myth of the state. Modern office believes that work for the state, but actually working on pseudo-slave, as money comes into the pocket slave slave owners, and the concept of the state is used to cloud the minds of slaves, the slaves did not ask too many questions like: why slaves work life and always remain poor? And why did the slaves have no share of the profits? And who specifically lists money paid slaves in taxes?
• The fifth mechanism hidden coercion of slaves is the mechanism of inflation. Rising prices in the absence of wage slave, provides discreet covert heist slaves. Thus, the modern slave impoverished more and more.

• Sixth hidden mechanism to force a slave to work for free — to deprive a slave of relocation and purchase of real estate in another city or another country. This mechanism forces the modern slaves to work in one city-forming enterprise and "tolerate" onerous conditions as other conditions simply do not have the servants and slaves to run away than that and nowhere.

• The seventh mechanism for encouraging them to work for free a slave, is the withholding of information on the cost of slave labor, the real value of the goods, which made a slave. And the share of wage slave, slave owner who picked through the mechanism of accounting accruals, using the ignorance of the slaves and the lack of control over the servants of the surplus value that takes the slaveholder himself.

• To modern slaves demanded their share of the profits, did not require to pay earned by their fathers, grandfathers, great-grandparents, great-great-grandfather — used suppressing the facts plunder the pockets of slave resources that have been created by numerous generations of slaves for thousands of years of history.

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