Economists: to protect the domestic market does not need

The ban on the export of some Belarusian goods outside the Customs Union, which came into effect from yesterday, many experts consider as anti-market. In their view, such administrative measures are primarily reduce the already small compared to imports Belarusian exports. This will lead to an even greater deficit of the balance of payments and the lack of currency.

The list of goods temporarily prohibited to export from Belarus, were refrigerators and freezers "Atlas", Brest gas stoves, detergents, cereals, pasta. On a number of products introduced containment of which is allowed to export.

It is noteworthy that the cheap Belarusian goods are trafficked primarily Russians — through the transparent border, which is not controlled. However, the executive order just Russians and does not interfere, since Russia with Kazakhstan and Belarus are included in the customs' top three. " So where is the logic? — I'm trying to find out from the experts-economists.

Michael Zaleski

"And it really is not" — says economist Michael Zaleski:

"This is — pure PR action. How rooster said crowed, and then let it be and not rassvitae. Said it and said — for grandmothers who watch TV. Him and show: see how we take care of the domestic market.

Look at our neighbors — the same Lithuanians. There beri what you want, even though you are of me. You also discount card will only be carrying more with this in Lithuania. And then the main question — we export is necessary or not? . "

For the first time such restrictions in Belarus tried to introduce in 1991, recalls the head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika. Then there was the wording of the protection of the domestic market, which is used to this day:

Leonid Zaika

"To protect the domestic market is not needed. Why, because more are trafficked from Belarus goods and services, the more we export, and the more we earn currency.

But Lukashenka and the Government's approach to this is socialist. They think it will take out all of Belarus and the shelves will be empty. And people should feel that the government cared. And so the shelves be complete. It works this peasant logic "general store" — when out of the "general store" products are taken into the city, then it's bad. "

Frankly, I'm disappointed in Myasnikovich.

New restrictions will not affect the ability to export and Belarusian products to the EU, said Michael Zaleski:

"They can not bring back the same. Did you try to import, for example, the Belarusian fat in Lithuania or Poland? You do not give local customs. Salo, cucumbers, and other products. Nobody will give food to drive there."

Well, as a source of economic problems that can not be stopped by administrative measures, Leonid Zaika calls the lack of clear Belarusian ruble:

"Ruble we did not have to say, measures of value. Ruble" dipped. "Because of this and went to all the trouble. Frankly, I'm disappointed in Myasnikovich. He and everyone else in the government should have seen this coming."

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