Eduard Lobau sent to Wolf hole

April 7, an activist of "Young Front" Eduard Lobau sent to serve his sentence in the 22nd colony of strict regime under Ivatzevichi.

On the eve of the detention center on the street Volodarskogo Marina Lobova informed her that her son Edward morning of April 7 sent to prison on stage in Ivantsevichy in the 22nd security prison in the village of Wolf's lair.

April 5 Marina Lobova met with his son on Volodarka.

"It was on a date with him yesterday. He has uncovered his head, so as to have two prisoners in a cell found lice. So he was frightened, as if it has not moved. Smoke more than that all exactly camp cut, but with blunt scissors. Ready to ship, but still did not know exactly when. Infusion of his battle, as usual. Lihavidu asked me to convey that he was in any case did not go hungry, that the regime is still, and must maintain the strength to continue to fight. Many people ask about political news, he is very concerned about. "

Reporter: "Is there what he said Dmitry Dashkevich about? "

"He is — no. But today I asked about it, too, but has not yet appointed a day when he will be sent, and therefore do not speak concerning the colony, where he was assigned. Eduard very coughs. A week ago, so still not there. I was beginning to worry that tuberculosis is not only ill. Says as you come out of the chamber into the fresh air or going, then cough increases. Maybe because there are many smokers. in the chamber should be 24 people, and there were 50, now a little diminished. have to sleep in a hammock — pull the rope and put mattresses on them, for all places is not enough. "

Marina Lobova recalled that the son of a lawyer filed an appeal against the verdict. "It will be seen as a Otroshchenkov. With the same result," — said Marina Lobova.

A Moscow court has recognized Minsk on March 24 Lobau and Dashkevich guilty of hooliganism. According to the court, the Young attacked the Minikit and beat them using the mount. It happened the day before the presidential election on December 19. The victims were in court behind closed doors. Eduard Lobau received four years in prison, Dashkevich — 2 years. Both pleaded not guilty and declared provocation special services.

In the 22nd Ivatsevichy colony, where it will sit Eduard Lobau, left for a few months a former military Vladimir Osipenko, which was held in one case of terrorism with pradyprmalnikam Vaukavysk Mikalai Autukhovich. I asked the gentleman Osipenko what is necessary to prepare Lobov in this colony?

"There are a man according to his deeds. When will behave decently and respectfully to what it will be treated. Moreover all. At including and the administration. "

"And as there are political?"

"Yes, there is all the same. Certainly, the administration will take him to a special account, the special attention to it will be. But for prisoners the same way — criminal or political. Important thing is that he does not lose himself."

According to Vladimir Osipenko, the colony was recently built a new building, which is quite normal living conditions. As for the ratio of administration to prisoners Osipenko said this: "We were not considered for all people."

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