Egyptian authorities have temporarily closed the pyramids, afraid of magic numbers

November 11, 2011 8:59

Egyptian authorities have decided to close today to visit the great pyramids to prevent the Giza plateau ritual celebrations on the day of magic numbers.
The intention of some groups noted the temporary combination of 11.11.11 in 11 hours 11 minutes and 11 seconds local time inside one of the ancient Egyptian pyramids has learned from the Internet, then the country's uproar about the plans of "the Jews" and "Masons" to arrange a foot of the Pyramids "day of Satan," as it is called in Egypt. And then the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and then by the governor of the province of Giza, which is in charge of the pyramid, were quick to deny any celebration, but for the common peace and did close the pyramid.

 Perhaps the first time in "peace time" as an attractive tourist object will not be available at the weekend, which is the here Friday. Close on the eve of the 16 hours, the pyramid will be open for access only tourists on Saturday. However, the Antiquities Authority did not specify the exact cause of this step, explaining his decision to "the need to protect the monument in the middle of the Islamic holiday of 'Id al-Adha, which incidentally, is officially over.
A few days ago, in a social network "Facebook" came the announcement of plans to organize at the Pyramids in Cairo feast day of magic numbers at a time when the number "11" will converge together six times, and the number "1" will appear in the form of "temporary palindrome" / when number or word reads the same in both directions /, repeat 12 times. In response to this, the eve of the Tahrir Square, young people, called themselves the descendants of Salah ad-Din, and the followers of the movement "toward God", distributed leaflets calling to reach the pyramids at the "great distance" against the "conspiracy of Freemasons." As a result, authorities considered the safest in general to protect the most important tourist destinations of the country from any Kabbalistic symbolism.
In numerology, the number 11 has always symbolized a kind of danger, conflict. In some mystical philosophies of the number associated with the paranormal, otherworldly forces. It is believed that this day may open channel of communication with the subconscious mind, as well as others — usually hidden — from people events and forces.

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