EISENHOWER secret treaty with aliens

The content of the secret treaty of Dwight Eisenhower with aliens described the amounts are different, and that's OK, because it was not for nothing secret. If you add up all the stories together, throw the most fantastic assumptions, the following story.

The birth of "Majestic-12"

From January 1947 to December 1952 16 alien ships crashed or made an emergency landing in the U.S.. The result — 65 dead bodies and one live alien in American hands. Another ship exploded in the air. You can imagine confusion and concern for the Government, led by then-President Harry Truman.

All documents of the incident were "classified." In 1947 he was created a group of leading American scientists involved in the study of UFOs and aliens, and a year later, it merged with the project "Grange."

In 1952, a secret order of President Truman was created by a top-secret NSA (NSA). His main task was to decipher the alien talks and try to establish a dialogue with them. The project was code-named "Sigma". The second task UNB — keep intercepting radio communications around the world, both among people and between aliens and simultaneously keep secret the last stay on Earth.

Truman informed about their actions allies, including the Soviet Union. Plans were made for the protection of the Earth in the event of an alien invasion. Was created an independent group — a secret society "Bilderbergs" with headquarters in Geneva.

In 1953 he was elected president of the U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, and in the same year in the United States broke nine alien discs. They were discovered 26 dead and four live alien. Of the 10 disc four found in Arizona, two — in Texas — one in New Mexico — one in Louisiana — one in Montana. Tenth the unit was transferred to the U.S. Government of the Republic of South Africa.

Eisenhower knew that he had to solve the problem of the aliens, and he could not do it without revealing the secret to Congress. In early 1953, the president asked for help from his friend and colleague Nelson Rockefeller. Together they planned the creation of a secret surveillance structure aliens. Thus was born a super-secret organization "M-12" ("Majestic-12"). In fact, none of it did not know.

Secret treaty with aliens

In 1953, astronomers discovered large space objects approaching Earth. These were alien space ships that came into the orbit of the planet. Immediately involved in the work of the specialists of the "Sigma", and they were able to record the talks aliens. There appears to decrypt transmissions. But before this was done, a group of aliens come into contact with the U.S. government and offered to help the people of Earth in spiritual development. They demanded to eliminate nuclear weapons and refused to share the secrets of their technology, referring to the fact that people are not spiritually prepared. They said that humans are on the path of self-destruction that must stop polluting and plundering the mineral resources of the planet, to learn to live in harmony.

These conditions have been met with deep suspicion by the head of the U.S., especially in the part, which spoke of nuclear disarmament. According to unconfirmed reports, in 1954, the aliens have landed on one of the air bases. The aliens claimed came from a planet orbiting a red star in the constellation of Orion which we call Betelgeuse. They said that their planet was dying and will become uninhabitable. The negotiations resulted in a meeting with Eisenhower aliens on Edwards Air Force Base.

The President met with the aliens and a formal treaty between civilization Betelgeuse and the U.S. was signed, and the world has its first ambassador — Krill. The meeting was recorded on film, which is now kept in some secret archives.

The contract stated: aliens would not interfere in our affairs, and the U.S. would not interfere in their affairs. The activities of aliens on Earth must be kept secret. They will share their secrets with American technology and will help you understand it. The aliens will not enter into treaties with other countries. For this, they have the right to temporarily "borrow" a limited number of people for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of development. These people are not penalized for their return to the place from which they were abducted. In addition, in their memory will be erased all the information about what happened. The contract also includes the construction of underground bases for extraterrestrials and two — to share, which will host the exchange of technologies. Facilities for aliens to be built under the Indian reservations in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and one — in Nevada, in the area known today all ufologists as Zone-51. All of this was allocated solid allocations. A draft "Redlayt", and according to him began test flights on an alien spaceship.

It is believed that the higher echelons of power have created a separate intelligence agency, the purpose of which was to ensure the security and privacy of all extraterrestrial objects. It is also believed that, as a cover for the real action, and the purpose of mass disinformation of the U.S. and around the world have been "running" such well-known programs such as the "Blue Book" and "Snowbird." All incomprehensible "dumps" on secret experiments BBC.

However, as it turned out, the United States and the aliens had their own hidden agenda. Alien experiments on human beings were not innocuous and harmless. Some of them have been designed to achieve compatibility between the two races, and eventually succeeded aliens — terrestrial women began to give birth to mutants. Who will rule the planet, populated by half-breed, was clear. For its part, the aliens caught the Americans in an effort to use any submitted their technology for military purposes. Peaceful cooperation was threatened. However, as people were clearly weaker "brothers in mind," in the upper echelons of power have decided to continue peaceful cooperation, closing his eyes to outrage being committed by aliens. Continue for as long as the U.S. does not get a gun, with which will be able to talk on equal terms. Resulted in the development projects of "Joshua" and "Excalibur." What the actual level achieved today WMD can only guess. Perhaps what we see in science fiction films, closer to reality than the arguments of nuclear arsenals and the strategy of nuclear war, or biological genocide.

"Truth is out there …"

What is next? .. No one really knows. It may be noted that it is a conspiracy theory has become popular government with the aliens. It exists in several versions, including the most adherents is the American version of Milton Cooper, who was murdered in 2001 (as they say, aliens). Among ufologists and okoloufologicheskih circles "walk" the most incredible rumors of joint activities of aliens and the U.S. government.

Say, is make joint missions to the moon and Mars, where there are colonies, as humans and aliens. Like, there were also local armed conflicts on the bases and in the laboratory. And President Nixon, when he faces impeachment by the Watergate case, supranational structure (primarily the "Majestic-12") were ordered to resign, in the process of impeachment would not open the secrets associated with aliens. And so on …

In the end, to quote himself and Cooper, master alien intrigue, "Today," M-12 "alive and active as ever. Council on Foreign Relations and its offshoot — The Trilateral Commission — run and owned by the United States. As well as foreign allies, they report to Bilderbergsom. Even the most cursory research shows that members of the Council and the Commission have control over the most important foundations and most influential media: the banks, all the major corporations, the higher echelons of government.

Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are the secret government, which runs the country through the "M-12", and a research group known as the "Society of Jason" or "Jason Scholars". Eisenhower was the last president who knew and understood the problem of aliens. All subsequent presidents have used only the information that they wish they delivered the "M-12" and the CIA. "

"Where is the truth?" — You ask. To this we can answer the words of the famous series "X-Files", "The truth — somewhere out there …".

Victor Potapov

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