Electromagnetic grenades for the U.S. Army

Electromagnetic grenades for the U.S. Army

Genre computer games, fantastic books, movies, animated videos have long been showing us the possibility of introducing the so-called electric grenades. But over time this idea of ​​science fiction and remained unrealized in practice.

Towards the realization of ideas with the introduction of the electric pulse grenades decided to go to the South American military developers. They wanted to start using such a weapon against militants laid bombs in different countries of the globe.

One of the purposes of the future instruments may become an option in terms of its use of the microwave pulse generation, which should be to ensure destruction of improvised explosive devices planted in the path of a car or armored vehicles. Powerful electrical impulse will be able to force the switch to activate the electronics infernal machines that eliminate themselves. Of course, the introduction of a pomegranate is fine but in this case, if the bomb is not incorporated in crowded places. Or the need for creating a series of earlier evacuation operations.
The Pentagon laid out a request with a proposal for the creation of electrical hand grenades. These grenades will be able to enter into the arsenal of the South American infantryman who can use them when participating in operations. In addition to manual options being considered and the option for an RPG missile warheads and other weapons options. Americans rely on the fact that pineapple is small in mass and size, that man was able to easily throw it at a distance.

With all of this, customers EM grenades argue that the result of using such a grenade — it’s not always a blast. For the explosion of fragments fit and ordinary grenade. In another goal. There should be a surge of electric field, which will allow plans to break the militants and terrorists.

One of the problems associated with the implementation of the EM-grenades, is reducing the size of the problem, because until layouts have very large sizes, so they can be equated to the level of hand grenades. In addition, these grenades can hit its momentum and electronics included in the arsenal to use such a weapon fighter: can disrupt communications system, for example. Work to solve these problems is already underway.

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