Estonia got a ship to combat pollution of the sea

Ceremony to transfer Estonia multifunctional vessel pollution control area on Friday was held in Tallinn on the peninsula Copley, Estonian Television reported.

The ship, which goes to the border of the fleet of the country, was named in honor of General Ants Kurvits, who headed the Estonian border guards in 1920.

According to the Minister of the Interior Ken-Marti Vaher, the need was felt for a long time such a vessel.

"So far we have focused mainly on prevention and cooperation with neighboring countries. Now, with this ship, we will also in a position to detect contamination and to react quickly to prevent water pollution and to implement more efficient and effective rescue services at sea," — Vaher said.

Ship acquired by funds from the European Regional Development Fund, from which it received 28 million euros. Estonian state on its part to invest in projects around 5 million euros.

The ship, built in Finland, will continuously monitor and work to prevent pollution at sea, and conduct rescue operations in heavy weather conditions and difficult ice conditions.

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