EU economic sanctions blocked by Italy, Greece, Latvia

Today in Luxembourg, a meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union, which will consider the matter of imposing economic sanctions against Minsk.

Opening the meeting, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton said:

"I gave my condolences to the families who lost their loved ones or are injured as a result of what happened in Belarus. We also continue to monitor this situation."

May Katsyyanchych, Press Representative Catherine Ashton, told our radio Ricardo Yuzvyaku, that no concrete decision on sanctions today, will not be accepted.

According Katsyyanchych, the Belarusian issue at today's meeting in Luxembourg confine itself to present the latest political developments in Belarus.

A diplomat from one of the EU countries, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that Catherine Ashton, despite the lack of any improvement of the situation in Belarus, does not express a desire to take more stringent measures against the Belarusian regime.

Group of friends the EU where the main role is played Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden, consistently advocated the adoption of point of economic sanctions against Minsk, arguing that such a step that Belarus political prisoners are in prison.

But among all the members of the European Union there is no consensus on sanctions. Speak out against the imposition of sanctions Italy, Greece and Latvia. The official excuse — a sanction against the government of Belarusian companies will hit ordinary Belarusians.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic Mikulas Dzurinda rejects such a justification, citing his experience since the dissident communist Czechoslovakia. According to Dzurinda, a firm course Ronaldo Reagan against communist countries in the 1980s has not weakened, but strengthened the anti-communist resistance in the these countries.

"Solid, strong and principled position is the basis for potential changes in Belarus. I believe that the more we will come out against the regime of Lukashenko, the more hope we give ordinary people," — said Dzurinda our radio.

Despite the fact that no decision on sanctions against Minsk today is not accepted, it seems that the debate on Belarus will be very hot.

Said an anonymous diplomat told us that the camp between supporters and opponents of the camp point of economic sanctions against Minsk expected in Luxembourg "hard" exchange of remarks on the subject.

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