Evacuation … to landfill

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, we begin a series of photo reports, "People in the" zone "," dedicated to the tragic events of Chernobyl.

Vetkovskiy the Chernobyl disaster "break" into two parts. Alive is the south-western part of the branch, together with the regional center and the north-east, which houses th Svetilovichi famous for its weaving Negliubka. The district center — the village's Old Rivers swirl it — evicted, as it was extremely heavily contaminated by radiation. Just in these places and have a simple craft, many residents Vetkovschiny.

In the evicted area near the former settlement Barba is a polygon of industrial and domestic waste. Dumped here from Gomel, from branches and other places netaksichnyya waste.

On the way to Barbu.

And it is also eager to come here from all over the neighborhood fallen people — both men and women. Here they have their own craft, a profitable place.


A woman in a soiled clothes, with zakuradymlenym from the fire face and hands:

"That bag of bottles gather up, ten pounds of iron into folders raspihala. Bring to a branch and looking to the district procurement office. The top ten will be — and that is good. Ten thousand! On a loaf of bread, a carton of milk on her granddaughter enough. Buy one today, another tomorrow, and then the third. I earn my milk. "

On the fishery in the "zone" of a woman, as well as dozens of other "prospectors", get mostly combined method:

"Walk. And to Bartolomeevka — by bus. Six kilometers through the forest — and here we are. In summer, all good — mushrooms, berries lumped into the bargain. No radiation. Do not you know? Fields sown here, cows graze on these fields. "

As soon as the truck or tractor coming from the city and unloads another batch of all rubble, men and women quickly raked it — look for bottles, metal and plastic. And packed in bags, boxes, folders.


It is important, as the saying goes, zyavats not as landfill bulldozer soon destroy pile of garbage and land cover everything.

Mrs. Elena: "We find — in a handbag collect bottles, spare parts. Then we carry on a branch, in a storage center. Bread and salt enough. "

In its time Elena worked even milkmaid. Although it has a small pension, but the ride to the dump. In the branches of her grandchildren grow up — and seeks to help them, because their parents do not have good money, and have to live somehow.

Until recently, the dump someone had what is called a "permanent residence". Arranged themselves huts, mud huts — and lived until the new administration landfill is not flattened housing excavator.

57-year-old Dmitry — veteran landfills. Here he abivaetstsa eleven years. Before the Chernobyl worked as a tractor driver on peat briquette plant near Bartolomeevka. He lived in a village where most of the houses are buried because of the radiation.

After the evacuation of local life in the villages of Dmitry went wrong, and he was at the dump:

"I have been since the opening of the landfill. Today is a holiday — a fire lit. I promised to give the government a living space — I also have an evacuation identity. "

Dmitry and Alexander.

Mr. Dmitry same unfortunate Alexander claim that radiation-contaminated "Zone" is not now a deserted area. With one side She zaglyblyayutstsa farms — sow bread, grow feed for livestock. On the other — badyazhniki and lovers of hunting and fishing. Near the village evicted Amyalnoe even destroyed the dam to collect from the lakes big catch:

"At Amyalnom dam blown up all the fish gone in SOG. There, and "cops" were fed, and "green" — all were fed. You want — you'll go with you. Just you say the bottle and began to go, show you where the dam blown up. "


Chernobyl zone

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