Even today, April 7

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Occasional rain, sometimes storms …

Low 4 — 10 ° C during the day +8 -14 ° C to the south to 18 ° C.

Do not pass:

Press conference on the occasion of the release of a new album of ethno-trio "Trinity" (Minsk, the restaurant "Kamenica", st. May Day, 18, 15.30).

Presentation of the 9th issue of the "Between", issued by the students of the Belarusian Collegium. During the presentation of his works and translations will be Andrei Pokrovsky, Cyril Dubovsky, Anka fell, Natalia Davydovskaya, Pavel Antipov, Maxim Kazakov, Michael Baranowski, Nasta Mancevič, Sergey Sakuma, Irina Borisevich and others (Minsk, bookstore, "Loginov" pr . Independence, 37a, 19.00).

The Russian group "The Time Machine" will perform at the Palace of the Republic with the program of the anniversary tour, timed to the 40th anniversary of the group (Minsk, 18.30).


Kyrgyzstan to host events dedicated to the anniversary of the revolution, April 7, 2010. In Bishkek, will hold a meeting-requiem to the victims of last year's events.

In Baku will start the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue.

Ministers of Economy and Finance European Union countries will gather in Budapest at the informal meeting.

The World Trade Organization in Geneva to unveil a report on the trade performance in the world in 2010 and projections for 2011.

There is a reason:

World Health Day.

The Orthodox — the Annunciation.


In 1559, a place Krevo received Magdeburg rights. In the Middle Ages Krevo than once was the site of important events in European history. Today is a village Smorgon district, where only the ruins of a castle reminiscent of a bygone glory.

In 1917, Congress opened in Minsk Belarusian national organizations. 150 delegates had develop a program of the Belarusian movement. In the end, the delegates created a Belarusian national committee headed by Roman Skirmunt, decided to establish a Belarusian university and move the entire primary education in the native language of Belarus.

In 1965, Vladimir Karatkevich wrote the first lines of his novel "Christ landed in Grodno." Work on the work of the writer began in Chelyabinsk, where visiting his sister.

April 7 in the years left this world Belarusian architect Karol Padchashynski who built palaces, schools and gymnasiums, writer and social activist and poet Joseph Dyla Larissa Heniyush.

April 7th born English poet William Uordsuart, the Chilean poet, Nobel laureate Gabriela Mistral, the founder and director of the CIA Allen Allen Dulles, head of Belarus during the Khrushchev era Kirill Mazur and American film director Francis Coppola.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom", "Katyn" Belarusian list ".

Quote to remember:

Be — that on its own path step,
On the strength of his hope.
NOT apiraytsesya on pillars
The participation of all the pillars — stagger!

Larissa Heniyush. Be

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