Evenings on a Farm near Sigulda




In one of the most picturesque suburbs of Sigulda occur downright Sorochinsko miracles that appear in the night sky for nothing similar glowing triangles and pentagons, while on the road for no apparent reason fade away cars and engines in the entire neighborhood to stop working mobile phones, that appear in the margins of great size figures clearly not the man-made nature.

Anomalous phenomena in Vidzeme disturb local residents and cause interest ufologists

The famous sculptor Solvejga Vasilyeva the time considered himself a man of fairly sensible and even cynical to believe in such miracles as fifteen years ago, did not buy into these places farm. On how her life changed since then, the artist told to "Hour".

Romantic house in the village

— Strange things — says the artist — began to occur to me since the first days of buying a home. Immediately after the paperwork to us with a colleague had to go to some art events in Kurzeme.

Returned by the seaside, the road — could not be easier: you go and you go along fishing villages. And although the seats are painfully familiar, we are three times (!) Returned to Engure. And as long as we went back and forth over the sea hung unusual reddish glowing orb. He just disappeared in Ragaciems where we, breaking obsession that made us go in a circle, got in the morning. In Riga returned wildly tired.

Several years passed, adventure forgot partially. I've worked and lived rhythmic routine life, without which it is impossible to do something in the arts, participated in exhibitions and competitions. In the village raided rare.

In 1991, I finally decided to bring the house in order. On Midsummer Day came to me a friend. There was an unusually warm weather, and we decided to take a dip in the lake, that about two kilometers from the house. Naturally hours. On the way back, my friend suddenly struck dumb with amazement, pointing to the sky. Right in front of us, quite low in the air hung a huge, like a painted fire pentagon. At first thought, the northern lights. My mom lives in Sigulda and not just watching it.

But it was clearly something else: the object hovered, changed the configuration, keeping a pentagonal shape, the air around it flowed like light smoke, and seemed to be a slight odor published. We stood spellbound: The subject continued to tumble over the lake, and then suddenly disappeared, as if immersed in water.

The following evening, when we went to bathe, he appeared again, as ordered, exactly at midnight. As before, twisted and disappeared.

And somehow in the early spring, when I came back from my mother and from Sigulda in the yard was about minus five, I realized that these objects radiate energy. My mother lives 10 kilometers away from me, I do not put on a jacket. What for? Out of the house — in the car — and again at home. Drove up to his homestead, I see a strong glow. Jumped out of the car in a blouse and trousers and a long stood in the cold, watching the glowing object. But he had disappeared, I immediately felt the cold.

Sometimes there are a few bright spots at once uncertain form. Without colliding and combining, as if they are playing with each other in the night sky. I always have a feeling of their appearance: in the evening I can not sleep. Fear not, more excitement: do not miss the fun. Most often, they arrive in the morning, about four hours. And every time some unseen force lifts me out of bed and gets to go out into the yard, as if someone is there waiting for me.

But no matter how quietly I did not accept all of these unusual events, they affect me. I changed attitude, attitude to life, to work. From the knowledge that there is a parallel world, a powerful and inscrutable, against which our swarming — rat race, I lost interest in a lot of what not long ago seemed important. At some point, even confused: how to live, if not given you understand this?

The ellipse around the house

In 1995, I finally moved to the village: everything is heartier, and work better. You never stopped anyone from their compressors and other sculptural technique, and no one bothers you, besides so many new and interesting around. My house is on a hillside near the road.

One morning, go out into the yard and see an unusual band of a few meters away from the porch. She encircled the house and went into the field, in the woods. I went through it in half an hour and returned to the same place to the house. The band was an ellipse with a kilometer in length.

After talking with the neighbors, I learned that this had seen many. Typically, crop pictures are huge, do with their hands, and even with the help of technology in one night is simply impossible. Sometimes they look like a pattern, sometimes resemble objects. And it is better to consider them from a height.

Mysterious force that causes them to ripened grain cornfield, crushing ears to the root, then on the land, compacting it by drawing lines, the ants meadows. I wrote down the date: May 4, 1996 — and decided to keep a diary of events.

One came to my friends, and in the evening looked out the window at the edge of the forest glowing wall, as if in a skyscraper lights. The whole field is lit, and on it — traces an ellipse. All and stupefied. I do know that no one lives there and the more there is no high-rise building. But we all realized only when the vision disappeared.

In 2003, I became ill and was hospitalized and in a remote area in the shop was run by my colleague, the young sculptor Gintaras Krumholds. After a couple of days in the hospital calls me outraged, why did not warn him about "his devilry?" It turned out that he was innocent when he worked in the window suddenly appeared a huge ball of light hovered directly over the house, then he separated himself from the smaller ball, spin-twisted and again climbed into the big one. And so somewhere with one in the morning to four in the morning.

Gintaras said that he became so ill at ease that morning he left immediately. After returning from the hospital, I went to the neighbors to know the details. They are the first words understood what it was about and was told that this year more than ever UFOs and all some kind of trouble, especially with health. By the way, I myself left the hospital after severe sepsis. Miraculously survived. And ill for no apparent reason — no scratches no.

Ufologists suggest

And last year, I discovered a lot of interesting things are not connected with the mysterious aliens. My house is built on the ruins of the former stables, which were built of granite boulders, with no waterproofing. I discovered that these stones at the base of the walls are a light fantastic perceive vibrations of the earth. They do not tremble, and the sound, turning the earth tremors in the sounds. We earthquakes do not happen, but almost every week there is some small bumps, because it seems that the house singing.

Unusually for our latitude and the northern lights. It is unique, usually reddish bottom, gradually turning into a bright white light, and once was a domed: half sphere — the red, and the second — white. This sphere is slowly rotated about its axis from red to white.

All these phenomena, like UFOs and crop pictures, related and not random. Could this be the place goes energy anomalies, magnetic or gravity. (By the way, we often electricity is cut down, and, as it turned out, "Latvenergo" has nothing to do with it.)

These anomalies are not only manifested here on Earth, but, perhaps, attract the extraterrestrial worlds. It is no accident ufologists have shown great interest in these places and there are serious observation. Scientific findings until they do not, all require proof. But a lot of assumptions. Over time, I suppose, will be dismantled.


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