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With paranormal military face regularly. And just as regularly try to silence them. Charter, discipline, and so on … to reconstruct the abnormal cases help usually testimonies that tell of their experiences in great secrecy. To these facts they can be treated differently. But remember that the witnesses are people who are on duty allowed to dream.

"Hello from the past" from Baron Ungern

Unexplained cases have been recorded recently in the infantry battalion near Khabarovsk. While on duty by Captain K. Rothe ordered rearrange the furniture in the room where he usually rested. At night, he dreamed that he jumps on his chest shaggy dog and starts to choke. The officer stood up, turned on the light, relaxed, turned off the light again — the dream was repeated. After the third attempt, the captain will not turn out the light. After a few days, during one night shift, he was again in his sleep pestering mystical shaggy dog.

It turned out that the same dream tortured while on duty and Major M. and Ensign, sometimes sleeping in the same room. The three of them decided to spend the night in the same room. As soon as they turn off the lights as the hanger spontaneously immediately fell all overcoats, and behind them fell to the floor from the table and the room keys. Did not understand the military repeatedly turned the lights and restore order, but just as he Gus, how it all started over again.

After the sixth attempt to sleep captain, as an experiment, proposed to move the furniture to the old place where she stood up to his orders. And … it stopped, including the dream with a dog.

Management is currently Battalion decide: whether to open the floor to the "crazy" the room or not. Some of the officers have suggested that under the floor may be the remains of a dog buried secretly. Maybe even the one a few years ago strangely disappeared from the battalion commander …

Similar story journalists Irkutsk edition "CM Number One" heard during the trip to the border guard, located in Kyakhta. An employee of a local mail Svetlana told them about the strange things in pursuit of it at work and at home. In old buildings Cossack merchant city, topping its age old frontier, and which now houses the army barracks and house officers (dosas), silence is broken otherworldly forces.

Svetlana lives since the mid-seventies alone in a small apartment in the house officers. Her husband was tragically killed.

"When I sat down in an apartment — says Svetlana — neighbors wondered if all I have is normal. Because the previous tenants — a young officer's family — not just talking to them about the strange visions in their apartment." "

Svetlana such issues initially did not attach special attention, but eventually began to feel really not very nice things. Middle of the night in the apartment of someone starts to talk, you can hear footsteps and other horror. At work, where the building is also more than a century, also continued an unpleasant encounter with the dark forces.

"You sit alone in a room, and it happens that the steps are heard — says Svetlana. — Constant feeling that someone is near. Even have to open the door that was not so bad. '"

Unpleasant night meeting with evil spirits are frequent. It tells the woman, once in the middle of the night woke up from some jerk. She got up, turned on the light — like anyone. Lay down again and still feel that someone is talking, moving.

"Speaking about the possible causes of these stories, Svetlana points to events nearly a century ago. During the Civil War went through these places notorious Baron Ungern. Kyakhty On the outskirts there is a place where its soldiers shot and killed more than a thousand swords Red. Warring parties then lived in the so-called red and white barracks, some of which are now placed the army headquarters, barracks and dosas. Who knows, if their souls slain at night worried about the military and their families? "

Evil spirit guardhouse

And this incident happened in the Soviet times. Then several people witnessed the scary ghosts, paralyzed whole brigade of special purpose in the Crimea.

It all started with the Moldavian soldier on duty. Atonement he guarded warehouse with fuel, ammunition and other property, but on the perimeter, as expected, did not attend. I found a place out of sight and gave Demobee dreams. Boredom twisted around her finger pocket watch on a chain. Cool, cool, and, suddenly, the clock stopped, reaching the top of the rotation!

Soldiers watched in horror the strange spectacle: outstretched hand, the finger chain, standing straight up, and massive body clock hung in weightlessness. In terror he jumped, clocks fall, but next came the truly diabolical laughter. With dismay soldier pulled the trigger, forgetting to distort the bolt. Automatic yet started shooting — it is not empty shop.

Alerted guards found no one. Soldier sent to the infirmary, and, in any case, have strengthened positions.

Since then, all warehouses began an orgy, called scientists poltergeist. Lead sealed, opened the door, spilled fuel from the tanks. In stock property torn uniforms, were scattered around the room thing. The worst thing is that at an ammunition depot began ugliness: scattered grenades inserted where it is not necessary, military fuses, frustrated very secret seal.

"Part of the ears was," but could not catch the attacker. And desperately commander decided to invite a psychic. Found quite a respectable man, he walked around the area and said he could see it. "He added that displays the evil spirits of the part with the help of two strong officers . "

The psychic went with them to the store and ordered: come to the point to which I will point out sharte hands, as soon as something to grope, grab and then hold. No sooner had the strong guys come to this point, as a sharp cry of pain — on their hands stood out clearly bruised, as if someone had pressed his hand with a terrible force.

Part of Barabashka still escaped, but officers lovivshie it with psychic guidance, for a long time were bruises on the body received in a fight with the other spirit.

Even more terrible events occur today in the former military camp in Lvov, in an old Austrian building, the Military Staff building, in one of the rooms, where formerly guard house, the family lives retired colonel Sergei Shatilov.

"Sergei came to Ukraine in the early 90's from Moscow after studying at the Military Academy. Instantly he was offered to live in an empty room of the service of the guardhouse." We had no choice, since the case here with the family and lives. "

First ghost Shatilova saw several years ago. "Usually it appears in the full moon, but it happens at a different time, — says Sergey. — First glimpses like cobwebs and illuminated vents, then slam the door, but no drafts. On the wall of the toilet, almost to the ceiling, something like a light comes through a large oval, which then slowly emerges from the depths of the black figure and begins to mumble something unintelligible, clearly referring to you. Honestly, before the awful spectacle, that hair on end become. Such fear is covered!

"Initially, we jumped in terror into the hallway, then ran into the room, lit a candle in front of the icon. Could hear the echo carries howling around the house. But then his residence ghost comes out. As I see it, our guest — the military. The outlines of ancient uniform (presumably Austrian), peaked caps, side, something like a sword hanging. Sometimes I think that it is something required of us, and sometimes screamed in German. few words I remember, and my friends, the military interpreters transferred to me, 'Go away!' "

"According to the legend, — adds Olga, wife of Sergey — in Austrian times, one soldier fell in love with a beautiful girl, and once agreed to meet with her during his guard duty. But in the dark did not recognize her and accidentally shot. The soldier then hanged himself right in the guardroom. Maybe it's his soul still can not calm down? "

Journalists Ukrainian newspaper "Facts", investigating the eerie phenomenon Shatilova home, decided to meet personally with the evil spirit of the former guardhouse. One night, at twelve o'clock, they came out into the hallway, and trying not to make a noise, went to the toilet door. Opened the door and … the high ceiling saw a large bright oval! At its center was moving slowly a dark spot, like the contours on the human figure. A gust of cold, and in the air there was a dull murmur. However, the researchers did not panic and cameras clicked. Ghost, apparently fearing outbreaks immediately vanished …

Electricity bill to pay a UFO!

Apart from purely anomalous phenomena "earthly" origin and nature of the military is often fixed and cases of so-called extraterrestrial intelligence.

At 22:35 of the health center nurse, stationed in the Primorye Territory, Chief Petty Officer Vladimir M., being in the dressing room, he saw through the window a glowing ball the size of 50-60 cm in diameter, a milky-white color with violet-blue protuberances.

Moses summoned two sailors who were there, and they are within 3-4 minutes watching floating in the air along the wall clinic ball. Then the ball has increased its glow to the brightness of electric and slowly went up. There and then the lights went out.

At the same time, the duty on the part of the observed reported incomprehensible glow in the health center.

Duty on the part of Lieutenant Commander Eugene K. went outside and watched it too light. Distance from duty on the part of a health point — 700 meters, though not visible directly clinic — prevents nipple. Therefore, the duty and two sailors saw the size of the glow dome 100 meters in diameter, purple-pink color. After 3-4 minutes the dome as it took off, the color began to sparkle and faded. At the same time the lights went out in all parts. Another two men at that time were on the way to the side and also saw the glow dome in clinic.

Seeing the light extinguished in part, electrician ran to the emergency diesel generator and tried to run it, but it did not work.

Then he was discovered and the physical traces left by UFOs. Over the cable that could bring power to the medical center and buried in the ground at 1.5 meters crater about 20 inches in diameter to the cable. To the particular land could be found.

Cable cores were melted. This despite the fact that the consumption of electricity in medical unit at the time was minimal — only emergency lighting.

Duty on the part of the events described in the journal, highlighting and anomalous incident, and watched the glowing dome near sensitive sites protected. At the end of the month, when the mains were charged of electricity, it was discovered that this month its consumption was four times more than usual! Account had to pay, and command you only resent the fact that UFOs could not find another place for "gaining muscle" energy.

A similar incident occurred in the city of Sarov (formerly Arzamas-16). Over the territory of one of the plants, according to eyewitnesses, hovered blindingly shiny ball. At 22:40 in the guardhouse rang time, "to distant sites is flying ball of light." After a pause, Private Sergei Tereshchenko just managed to exclaim, "Oh, it moves on me!" Then the telephone rang loud crackling, and the connection was lost.

Immediately the alarm group of experienced security guards rushed to the place of incident. They found Tereshchenko in office — a living, but in a state of shock. Local frantically repeated that he saw "it" saw "as it flew to him," and does not remember anything more.

Inspection of the scene showed that the jokes do not get off here. Bulletproof vest on time was found strange dent triangular. Who (or what) attacked a security secret factory?

Here's what he said on this occasion one of the leaders of the plant: "A closer examination of body armor found that coating melted. Trace cuts or soot, which may indicate that the soldier himself burned body armor, bored on duty were found. Of scientific expertise on material evidence submitted to one of our laboratories. Answer — electrical discharge … "

Similar emergency in military facilities lack. You can call these phenomena differently. To deny their existence is difficult.

Gennady Fedotov

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