Expert FSB: This is not the Belarusian opposition and government

With a request to comment on the terrorist attack in Minsk, we have appealed to Vladimir Lutsenko, Colonel FSB, the former head of the Anti-Terrorism FSB. He's talked to Yuri Drakakhrust.

Drakakhrust: Mr. Lutsenko, how do you qualify the terrorist attack in Minsk, on whose handwriting is it like?

Lutsenko: Handwriting hundred percent of international terrorism, which we talk so much, whenever there is a tragedy. And then zaboltvaem all forget. There is a plague of international terrorism. This is a politically motivated form of application of extreme violence against the population, which is not at war.

There is a beast in globally, who use the political struggle of life of ordinary citizens, children, women and old people. They found the world's pain point. They understand that we are not going to worry if they kill any politician if they attack the military to the police, the police, the people who were on the job, knowing that they will risk their lives. But when they kill women and children on the streets of a peaceful town — all very painful. They blow up mosques in Iraq and Pakistan, they blow up houses in Moscow, they blow up skyscrapers in America.

And the fact that in a peaceful town, in a nice country to my heart this happened shows that there are no boundaries, that they learn from each other and replicate these heinous crimes.

For those who did at least have been instructors of well-known organizations.

Drakakhrust: Belarus has expressed some version of what it could do the opposition, some — it could make the power.

Lutsenko: I rate this as a very simple statement. The same was said about Moscow — Blowing Up Russia, Putin blow up houses of civilians in order to come to power. This shyzu we have already heard. I would not be surprised if it sounds now. That is zaboltvanne the problem that is.

This is not a Belarusian political opposition and, of course, not power.

Drakakhrust: But what is the cause of international terrorists do it in Minsk? In Russia there is a problem in the Caucasus, the U.S. presence in the Middle East, support for Israel, the UK took part in the operation in Iraq. But Belarus does not interfere with these problems. So what?

Lutsenko: Let us wait a little bit. There is a consequence, the best forces left. I think that soon we will hear how the wind brought this terrible disaster. There anyone has an idea in my head and in Belarus to stir this thing. Blow by Worldwide. India is a poor, poor Pakistan. Found some years, a reason to Belarus and to make this atrocity.


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