Family prisoner expelled from housing association

Andrei Sannikov acquainted with the case for 5 consecutive days including a weekend. Area citizen convicted of Russia Artem Brevsu did not renew the registration in Minsk. Seven former policeman Alexander Klaskouski excluded from society builders of residential homes. Anastasia Palazhanka completed familiarization with the criminal case.

Andrei Sannikov

Former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov continues to get acquainted with the criminal case in which he is accused of organizing mass riots on December 19. Sannikov's mother Alla policy says that the introduction is 5 days in a row without a break for the weekend:

"Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday … Today is the fifth day. Apparently, they rushed, and on weekends acquaintance does not stop. "

April 6, Alla Sannikov was for the son of the transfer including all products that are not made within two weeks. From his mother came to the conclusion that her son feel better health. I recall a long time to Andrei Sannikov was allowed to transmit only dietary products. From the letters of the prisoner was aware that he had aggravated the disease of the joints. Letters from her son Alla Sannikov gets regularly:

"He writes that he has given him a separate bed. However, I do not understand — how so? That, before he was forced to sleep on the floor and just now given a separate bed? "

Artem Brevs

A citizen of Russia Artem Brevsu refused to renew the registration in Minsk. A Moscow court on March 10 Brevsa Minsk found guilty of involvement in the riots and sentenced large fine. Observers do not rule out that soft compared to the other participants of prison sentences Square punishment due to the patronage of Russia and that the court coincided with the visit to Minsk, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Refusal to renew the registration means for Artem Brevsa that of Belarus, it should go to Russia, where he has no family. How to react to this news in the Russian embassy, which has helped a lot of Artem Brevsu during his arrest and trial?

"We have only just found out about it, we will find out the details. But in any case it is extremely Belarus — to continue the registration or not "- said the" freedom "of the Russian embassy employee. Contact Artem Brevsam about this problem failed. After the trial, the young man said that he intends to continue living in Belarus.

Alexander Klaskouski

Seven former policeman Alexander Klaskouski, which is found in the KGB detention center in the case on December 19, was expelled from the community home builders in the Minsk district of Stone Hill. The reason — Klaskouski not have time to open a credit line and time to make money on the construction of the apartment. Klaskouski wife Natalia says that the delay was not her fault: in view of the investigation of her husband failed to re-register the necessary documents:

"I said, because I warned you that I have not time. Answer: so what that warning? It was necessary submit a general power of attorney. I say, so I'm not to blame, that I did not give this power of attorney. At What does the I? I did not give her the investigator. Said — that it's not, then it is in the KGB, call and find out. I called — and there are not. As a result, as given … And given only at the end of last week. It was too late. We have already ruled out. "

The family Klaskouski three young children 12, 7 and 2 years old. The family lives in the family housing area. A former police officer Alexander Klaskouski accused not only of organizing mass riots and participating in them, but in the conferral of authority — on Independence Square on December 19 Klaskouski came in a police uniform, although he was already dismissed from the police.

Anastasia Palazhanka

His father activist of "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, She has completed familiarization with the case.

Wife Ales Arestovich reported that it summoned several times for questioning, but familiarization with the case has not yet started. Staff activist Nikolai Statkevich Arestovich Alexander was released from the "American" on his own recognizance at about the same time with the infusion Palazhanka. Many of the defendants in the case on December 19 said that while it is impossible to predict the consequences of the logic that some things have already been sent to the court, and some still investigating.



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