Famous social projects

A short time since then, when the whole world is literally drawn into the many social projects. Major social websites — communication between users, information dissemination, exchange of images, pictures and video. The data projects are put on yourself as much information. The development of these social networking sites took place very rapidly. At first there was one, then another. Many companies have decided to keep up and also created their projects, which can now be seen on the Internet. Because of the severe competition afloat only a few, the following are the most popular.

The first place is given to projects Pavel Durov — vkontakte (vkontakte). First test version appeared in 2006. Initially filling the social project held in a weak pace. But then there was literally an "explosion" and many Internet users have decided to create a network in your contact page. Vkontakte social network in just a few years has increased the number of registered users to several million, and the number continues to grow. High popularity due to many parameters, first of all — easy registration in contact, a lot of applications and games. My page vkontakte represented as a set of text files, images, video and music. All this is placed orderly and convenient to use.

Facebook (Facebook) — social network, which is the most famous in the world. However, Russia is second in popularity. Feysbuk creator — Mark Tsukenberg. The first profile appeared on the network in late 2004. In our country, facebook presented in Russian, for the convenience of communication and information sharing. No differences from the project vkontakte not, even in some places there are similarities. Registration is simple enough to have e-mail. Upon entering the site, a visitor will see facebook login and below the panel for registration. You can use immediately after confirmation of registration. One of the benefits of this project — the presence of the participants, who are living in the most remote corners of the globe.

Twitter (Twitter) — most of the microblogging service. Exchange of information and other data, the common people, are also such a project to the social. Different from the two previous presence online diary. Here he is in a priority, everything else is shown in the background. Twitter profile is simple — enough to have e-mail and mobile phone number. In our country also presents Twitter in Russian, but any time you can change the language.

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