Fantastic stories 10 movie watch online

Fantastic stories 10 movie watch online
Each film tells of the extraordinary phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation. Once a week, viewers will learn about the areas not normal, prophetic dreams, the supernatural powers of man and UFOs. The creators of programs from considering all perspective — From the mind-blowing to completely close to reality. The witnesses and participants of the events say that they had experienced or had to deal with anything.
Comments posodeystvuyut professionals to clarify one or other phenomena from a scientific perspective, confirming or denying the possibility of its existence.

Mystic music. Secret revelations musicians

Machine time. Hidden Experience

Machines killer. Friendly people

Lightning. The curse of heaven

Monsters. Kept secret dungeon

Conjured success. Deal with the Devil

The inevitability. The path to the apocalypse

Nicholas the Wonderworker

UFO. The declassified materials

Werewolves. Cry of the Moon

Fantastic stories — a series of programs

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