Father Radina: KGB seemed to have forgotten about us

Parents journalist Natalia Radina say they are still not reliably know where it is. Nikita's mother Lihavida received permission to visit his son. Ivan Gapon not exclude that in June he will begin a problem with a residence permit. Marina Fyaduta Alexander continues to get acquainted with the case.

March 31 journalist Natalia Radin set out from Kobrin to Minsk for questioning by the KGB and disappeared. Two days later, she placed a message on the Internet, that is for the availability of the KGB. Later, editor of "Charter 97," wrote that he was in a refugee camp in one of the countries of Europe. But the exact details, which ran Radin, there is still no.

Father of journalist Valentin Radina"Just do not know. Just read on the internet yesterday that it would be on her, but nothing more. She wrote it or someone else does not know, but in style, it seemed. We hope that this is it. "

She wrote it or someone else does not know.

Valentin Radin says that this week with their wife no one from the security services, who are looking for Natalia, do not bother: "It seems to have forgotten about us."

Mother Nikita Lihavida Elena received the consent of the court on a date with her son. "Here tonight received permission to visit tomorrow. In the morning I'll go to Volodarka, do not know if there is allowed. Perhaps in the first half of the day. I also want to give him a pass. "

Elena Lihavid will again ask his son not to start a hunger strike. Nikita talked about it shortly after the process in a partisan court of Minsk, where the activist was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. Consideration of the appeal against the sentence Nikita Lihavida not yet been appointed.

6 April it was reported that a Russian citizen Artem Brevsu did not renew the registration in Minsk, and because of this, sentenced in the case on December 19 Russian citizens will have to leave Belarus. Artem was born in Belarus and has not received citizenship because he lived in Estonia, where once left his family. In Minsk, Artem Brevs had registered at the address of his grandmother.

Ivan Gapon Told "Freedom," which he allegedly held out registration — this has recently come to the relevant document. But his residence permit ends in June, and what will happen next, the young man does not know.

I seriously think I will probably have to leave the country.

"The residence permit is given for 5 years, and in June, my term ends. And, as Artem, I can no longer give a residence permit. Allude to the law, the fact that the offender, and all. Of course, let's see how it will be, but I seriously think I will probably have to leave the country. "

Ivan Gapon said that after process it took the former job, his everyday life is basically settled.

On Marina Fyaduta, her husband, Alexander continues to get acquainted with the criminal case. And the introduction and did not stop at the weekend: "On Sunday, the lawyer is not allowed to go to him, but he continued to introduce directly in the camera."



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