Field of Dreams — MMM returns watch online

Field of Dreams - MMM returns watch online
The expression "financial pyramid"Sounded the first time in Russia at the end of the last century, when wiped off the map four bukovkoy — the USSR. Entire country turned into a big market: the banner socialist competition began to sell in conjunction with smoked sausage and military tunics. Throughout the Russian Federation Spread a tremendous Field of Dreams, which means appeared and grew up just out of nowhere. And at this point in the number of thousands of citizens of two people determined to become millionaires by Vladimir Petrenko and Sergei Mavrodi. In the movie, they say, could make a fortune as a cheat and 10's of thousands of citizens last engineer Mavrodi and as completely ruined the last engineer Petrenko.
The creators of the film have decided to figure out how to operate monetary pyramid, as they are transformed into our days are, in a rather weak position than people who, despite the devastation of the members of the pyramids, and are carried at their facilities are often the last. In this movie Sergei Mavrodi Aware of his own attitude to the "money pyramid" and to the citizens who are investing their money.

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