First arrested suspects in terrorist attack

On the night of 12 on April 13 arrested suspects in the first terrorist attack in the Minsk metro.

Staff at the main department for combating organized crime and corruption, the Interior Ministry arrested two suspects in a criminal case about the explosion in the Minsk metro.

Told reporters on April 13 Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede.

"It's two people with them conducted investigations, conducted the first interviews with lawyers, and the first reading," — said Deputy Attorney General, reports "Interfax".

Who checked the involvement of the detainees in the bombings that took place several years ago in Vitebsk and Republic Day July 3, 2008.

"The data on the possible involvement of these explosions were obtained from the suspects themselves. As far as they are relevant to the previous explosions — we work and we find out," — said Swede.

He also said that, according to video footage in the Minsk subway, "with high probability we can assume that one of the suspects is a doer."

On Swede, Both detainees are citizens of Belarus, the natives of one of the regional centers, and they have long been familiar.

Responding to a question which version sounded yesterday the head of the KGB Vadim Zaytsev now developed, Deputy Attorney General announced that a new version is now mined. On Swede, "One of the identikit of the same. Yesterday we were ready to publish Identikit and video artists, but refrained. This was a tactical ploy."

"Sam video, prepared by members of an anti-terror KGB, it clearly unambiguously traced the sequence of tragic events," said Swede.

"The video clearly shows the suspect arrives at the station Kupalovskaya, down to October and is located on the platform, leaving the bag on the bench and go from there, juggling in a jacket pocket, and then there was an explosion."

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