Five interesting facts about the history of Black Sea Fleet

Five interesting facts about the history of Black Sea Fleet
Black Sea Fleet (BSF) is the subject of an ongoing decline in Ukraine. Most of the pro-Western Ukrainians are willing to withdraw the fleet from the Crimea, but many Crimeans (ethnic Russian) want BSF remained in the Crimea, wrote January 1. Here are some fascinating facts from the history of the Navy.

1. May 2, 1783 a group of Russian ships concentrated in Akhtiar Bay (Sevastopol) dubbed as the Black Sea Fleet. In the 19th century the number of ships in the fleet has grown «exponentially.»

2. July 20, 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union Russian Black Sea Fleet became the object of the section in which also participated Ukraine. It did not happen without incident. July 20 crew patrol ship (SKR-112) raised the Ukrainian flag and went to Odessa. Three ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation priklnnyh, chased him and even tried to ram. Because of this rebellion SKR-112 became the first ship of the Ukrainian Navy.

3. May 28, 1997 Our homeland and Ukraine agreed on the division of the Black Sea Fleet in the proportion of 80% (Our Fatherland) and 20% (Ukraine). Our homeland has leased the port of Sevastopol for its own part of the Black Sea Fleet for 20 years (until 2017). Ukrainian and Russian Navy jointly based in Sevastopol.

4. 9-10 August 2008 the Black Sea Fleet took part in an armed conflict with Georgia over South Ossetia.

5. April 21, 2010 the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed Kharkov pact to extend the lease Russian Northern Fleet Sevastopol until 2042 in exchange for lowering the price of the purchased natural gas. This pact criticized very pro-European Ukrainians. Segodnyaschy opposition threatened to annul the Kharkiv Pact and expel the Black Sea Fleet from the Crimea in 2017.

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