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First mysterious objects in the air, now well known UFO were reliably recorded in the second world war. October 14, 1943 during the bombing of the German city of Schweinfurt British pilots saw several "big shiny discs."

And they did not respond to the fire that led to him gunner with the bombers. Following the British faced with mysterious objects and American fighter pilots who fought in Europe. They met several times and fired mysterious glowing discs flying dangerously close. But the "dish" simply ignored the propeller "OS" that tries to "bite" them.

Since then it's been more than half a century. UFO sightings many thousands. But to this day, the official science to question their existence. Recently declassified report of the British Ministry of Defence, the work of leading academic experts — physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians, psychologists and sociologists. They analyzed the most high-profile cases of UFO sightings around the world from 1985 to 1996 and came to the pessimistic conclusion that from the point of view of modern science in the world there is no confirmation of the presence of spacecraft that civilization.

Experts caution is understandable because scientists can not explain the UFO phenomenon, then it does not exist. But based on the large number of reports of "flying saucers" that occur around the world, we can say, to paraphrase one of the astronomers of the past: "But still they come!"

"Dishes" Hazardous to Health

Skeptical scientists believe that the evidence of those who allegedly saw a UFO in the daytime or the lights in the night sky — is the result of visual hallucinations. However, a number is registered with confirmed cases to prove the reality of such objects.

The first of these occurred March 16, 1990 in Shatura Institute of Laser and Information Technologies. Before any work there came the staff canteen. On that day, the first of them was the production manager Gennady M., who came into his office at 6:00 am. Casually looked out the window, he was surprised to see against the dark sky round glowing disc. From its central red light came, and at the end of the cigar-shaped orange tail were clearly visible a few blue dots.

Weird object in silence slowly moved over the lake towards the Holy laser center. Reaching the middle of the lake, it depends on the site, while continuing to shine. The surface of the water was calm. A few minutes drive began to make sharp maneuvers: jumps then shifted to the left, swinging from side to side, as if wondering where to turn. All this time, Gennady watched him intently.
Shortly into his office at the planning meeting and began to approach other staff canteen. And immediately nestles up to the window, mesmerized watching the glowing disc and bewilderment asking each other, "What is this?"

After a short time, someone got sick, but the most interesting is not gone from the window. But suddenly the mysterious object began to move rapidly in the sky, made a three speed, and then disappeared behind the trees on the other side of the lake. In total, it has been observed for about 50 minutes.
When everyone was seated and the briefing began, one of the employees, the latter detached from the window, looked at Gennady and exclaimed in surprise, "You have the face turned purple!" It turned out that all the nine people who longest observed anomalous phenomenon, appeared before the eyes of violet shroud, which is not falling off for two weeks. Besides strong headache. Then someone veil has become more transparent, but some employees have decided to see a doctor, because he felt that they have deteriorating eyesight. Optometrist local hospital after examination of the patient does not able to help them, and sent the eye clinic of the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute (MONICA). It took all their chief ophthalmologist Professor Alla Ryabtseva.

— Due to the unusual nature of the situation, we decided to conduct a comprehensive examination of not only consult a physician, but those who became an unwitting witness to this anomalous phenomenon. Many of them we have seen so far all these years, — says Dr. Ryabtseva. — And then the victims tested visual acuity, the sensitivity of the optic nerve, the condition of the retina of the eye examined, took tests tears and eye irritation.

Almost all patients to detect changes in the retina. The six victims were small, and they have only temporary discomfort due to the emergence veil before the eyes. And the two women, who stared at the glowing disc is almost all the time while he was hanging over the lake, got burn the retina and visual impairment. In ordinary life, a serious eye damage can be obtained if, for example, is too long to observe the operation of the welding machine. But, of course, that morning no welding in the sky over Shatura is not made.

— Because of the injuries require extensive medical intervention, and we immediately began treatment, — continues the story Professor Ryabtseva. — Only a month could significantly improve the condition of patients. Purple spots before his eyes slightly decreased and become more transparent. However, so far the most affected complain of strong bursting pain that occurs in the right eye, and they are aggravated by bright light.

So to summarize. Of any visual hallucinations in this case can not be considered. Everyone who came to the office itself, without anyone paying attention to the clues strange glowing object outside the window. True, a scientist known natural phenomenon, which is often mistaken for UFOs. This is called a false sun. This phenomenon occurs when the sun's rays are refracted, reflected by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, and, as a rule, have a rosy color and light fuzzy tails. But the brightness of sun dog is too small to cause harm to your eyes.

Professor of ophthalmology does not undertake to judge that caused such a severe eye injury and the appearance of a purple veil, but categorically rule out that it could be kakieto conventional light sources. Moreover, administration of the Institute assured doctors that morning, March 16, 1990 all units in its territory have been disabled.

So, I'm sorry for what happened UFO that emits though not dazzling — it could be viewed with the naked eye — but literally blinding light. And ufologists claim that this glow, traumatic sight, often recorded by observing the unidentified flying objects.

And here is another, no less strange case involving a UFO that took place in Ontario, Canada last summer. Sometimes the appearance of unidentified objects observed breakdown of the electrical equipment and appliances. Here, the opposite happened.

Early Sunday morning, a resident of the small village of woodcutters Tom Stone went fishing in a small forest river about three kilometers from the village. The sky was clear, complete calm, the silence around. Suddenly he heard a loud crackling, like someone tore the fabric. It could be heard from the top, but the tops of trees were not allowed to see what was going on. Strange noise quickly moved to the side of the village, and Stone had forgotten about him.

After a short time in his pocket zazummeril cell phone, but when Tom pressed the power button, I heard only the continuous crackle. Previously, this had never happened, and he felt that he is possessed causeless alarm. Stone stopped fishing and hurried to the village.

In the approach he saw in the sky with glowing "plate" that hover over the very near houses. But in all the windows was a bright light, and some street lights were burning too for some reason, even though the sky was shining in full sun. And the air was heard softly humming as if a worn invisible wasps. But the village itself seemed extinct, there was no sign of any one person, but usually on a Sunday at this time all went out of their houses.

When Stone entered the room in which he lived with another lumberjack named Chris, he was fast asleep at the table. Tom tried to wake him, but could not: Chris continued to snore without reacting to the fact that Stone struggles shook him by the shoulders. The same picture he had seen and the neighbors asleep right at breakfast. Worried woodcutter tried to contact on the mobile phone with the neighboring city, but it did not work — he only heard a solid crack. Suddenly all the lights, burning in the rooms are off and before that, when Stone would turn off the lights and flipped switches, they continued to burn. Stone looked out — lights went out, too. A "plate" in the sky had disappeared. After ten minutes, began to wake up sleeping. According to them, something strange happened. Suddenly, for no reason at all by themselves all light bulbs were lit, and people are irresistibly drawn to sleep. Anyone could look out the window and saw the sky glowing "plate."

Researchers of anomalous phenomena, disassemble later in this strange case, came to the conclusion that UFOs hovering over the village created a strong electromagnetic field. ¬ It then became the cause of the current in the bulb and the buzzing resounded in the air. As for the sudden sleep piled villagers, it is likely to cause some piece radiation unknown flying object.

And in the South American Andes in November 2001, there was a mass kidnapping "flying saucer", but the Peruvian authorities until recently did not report anything about him. The reality of this unique case confirmed by an independent investigation that held by a group of authoritative experts of Western ufologists.

Victims of the biggest in the history of UFO abductions of earthlings are all residents of the small mountain village Pambota. One day, someone from the nearby settlement of peasants came to Pambotu and was surprised to find it empty. Suppose a man could all go together to kakieto work in the area. But in the village there was no one at all: neither old men, women or children. The farmer waited until the evening, but no one appeared. The next day he and several villagers again paid a visit to the village, but it was still empty.

Local authorities, who began an investigation, and could not find any trace of that shed light on where were more than two hundred people. No one in the area did not see that they were one of the few there the roads. It turned out that people simply disappeared without a trace in the air. A week later, their quest was fruitless, were terminated.

Sixteen days later, the impossible happened: in the mountains in the distance of 160 kilometers from Pamboty been discovered her missing people — 113 men, 87 women and 60 children. People were stunned and scared. They did not know where they are, and no idea how to return home. To investigate this unusual incident arrived at the scene police experts from Lima.

In a press statement, in part: "All the villagers said that they took on board a large flying ship, all shining lights, which before kidnapping three nights appeared in their local area. It was more of the village and outside of it became so bright that no one could sleep. In the morning, on the fourth day everything suddenly fell asleep like the dead. And some just on the go. No one person could not remember what happened to them then. Only one pregnant woman, a 28-year-old Anna Salud, said she vaguely remembered how it was fed through a large tube chemto, vaguely reminiscent of a mixture of honey and water. "

According to the doctors who went to investigate the abduction victims, all residents of the village were behaving quite normally and were mentally healthy. Many women, especially the young, on the body were bruises. The most common complaint, mostly from women — nausea and headache. None of the villagers did not look emaciated, though many have suffered from dehydration. Where they spent more than two weeks, and that they were doing at the time, stolen did not know. Therefore, neither physicians nor ekspertyufologi failed to back kakihlibo versions on this mysterious case.

Finally, with regard to the undisputed facts, confirming the reality of the existence of unidentified flying objects, the most compelling is the surprise raid on the UFO Rand-Wilson telescope, located near Johannesburg in South Africa. It happened March 18, 2001. According to witnesses, at two o'clock at night half an hour from the sky hit the pulsing blue ray, which turned the 82-meter openwork design in a pile of twisted metal. Its impact was obviously power, and possibly gravity, but not heat, because the metal is not melted from the heat. And all communications within a quarter mile of burned that they came too strong induced current.

— The weather that night was quiet. But what is left of the radio telescope, it looked as if the tower fell on many-powerful hurricane — the main astronomer Dr. Nigel van Hecht. — No known natural phenomenon can not cause such destruction. Including lightning. The same can be said of any kind of weapons except nuclear. There is no doubt that what happened was not an accident but a deliberate attack of aliens.

South African Rand-Wilson telescope, one of the largest in the world, was a key element in international studies devoted to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Scientists have used his giant antenna to listen to radio signals coming from space, and try to determine their origins: natural or artificial. Rand-Wilson had a lot of power and could listen to 6000 stars up to 400 light years.

— One can only wonder what we could have provoked discontent aliens. Perhaps the frequency at which he worked telescope that interfered with their relationship. However, it is possible that they just did not like that we were listening, and they have clearly let us know that it's time to stop it, — said Dr. Hecht. — Loss of radio-Rand Wilson — is a real tragedy for science.

From all of the above should be one conclusion: no matter what the skeptics, but the UFO did arrive! And for monitoring them should be cautious, because no one really knows what they are and what might be the consequences of contact with them.

Source: "Miracles and Adventures"

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