For minor participant solidarity actions punished policeman. It is expected the court

Mogilev pradpisanne prosecutor's office of the police chief of Lenin that he instructed his subordinate disciplinary Vladimir Radevich. He was the protocol on administrative offense underage party to the action of solidarity with political prisoners Anna Shkadun. In the girl's mother complained to the prosecutor's office — Natalia.

In response to the prosecutor's office said that the facts in the complaint partially confirmed. The district Radevich violated administrative law.

"What exactly is broken policeman, not an explanation, but the fact that the violation is recognized, it is a good idea. Complaint May is concerned violations of administrative law — namely, the minutes on my daughter Anna. Protocol drawn up retroactively," said Natalia Shkadun.

Protocol on administrative violation, which was Radevich gave grounds for considering the case against Anna Shkadun on juvenile committee. March 24 the Commission has decided to discontinue consideration as a two-month period specified by law for such cases came out.

Natalia Shkadun"On the commission said that if the term did not come out, my daughter put on the account. Anyway I do not like it, what's going on around Anna and I sued. Administrative Commission did not had receive such documents. During their patches. There are places where the words plastered correction and edits are made by hand. Many documents of different content strangely dated the same date and a number. The differences in the copy and the original protocol. They are hard, apparently in a hurry to do anything until March 16 — it was the last day for the hearing. They did not think that I will see the documents in detail. The hope was that spalohaemsya the very fact that we are calling on the commission. "

According to Natalia Shkadun, Leninsky court Mogilev has accepted for review its claim for a commission on juvenile justice. When will the court, she will report further.

In solidarity rally on January 16 was attended by nine people. Two of them, frontovtsy Sergei Negatin and Valentin Lobachyov, visited in administrative detention. Unaffiliated student University Kuleshov Maxim Antipovich punished by a fine of 525 thousand rubles. Natalia Shkadun issued a warning. In Bobruisk prison is another participant in the action — Eugene Vaskovich. He is charged with hooliganism.

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