For the ancient Slavs worshiped … hedgehog?

For the ancient Slavs worshiped ...  hedgehog?Oddly enough, in Slavic mythology special place small prickly hedgehog.

Since ancient times, the Slavs fought with evil spirits mascots associated with the hedgehog, with these little creatures treating serious diseases.

According to legend, the hedgehog is so wise that even God created the earth, listened to his advice. While other legends hedgehog has dubious origins: the devil was sitting on a stump, brushed his skin, and hair thrown to the ground, and the hair turned later into a hedgehog.

Bulgaria is considered the wisest hedgehog, so long as he lives in the world and remembers everything that ever before, and yet he knows how to use a special anti-aging herb and it never gets old.

Residents believe Polesie hedgehog good herbalist. According to their legends, in addition to "grass youth", he knows where growing so-called "break-grass", which opens all locks and bolts. Man to get a grass ezhinoe to find the nest and block the entrance to the hole with stones. Hedgehog, seeing that he could not get to the kids, be sure to find and would find a "break-grass" to destroy the barrier.

There are many legends about this lovely creature, for example, the ancient Slavs attributed ability hedgehog chase evil spirits because of its thorns.

Polish wedding baked bread in the form of a hedgehog, and a Russian talisman for the bride and groom on their wedding night was a loaf of bread "hedgehog", decorated with colored straws instead of needles.

Serbs took a muzzle hedgehog as a remedy for the evil eye, and his heart was considered a talisman against disease. Fat hedgehog was the best cure for rheumatism and fever. The same fat smeared biting flies, mosquitoes. A urine urchin vodka mixed into alcoholics, so they threw a drink.

Treated with the hedgehog was always comfortable because they settle near the villages. After all, cow or goat milk — a great treat for hedgehogs. There is even a belief that they can produce milk, but good memory for milking time and regularly come to the milking pending spill buckets by streams. A good and she filled the whole saucer of milk specifically for hedgehogs.

Farmers have always considered a good neighbor, a hedgehog, fed and never killed. Hedgehog lives in splendid isolation, in contrast to other animals, villagers "commune." It covers an area of up to two hectares in its sole use. The appearance at the site of another hedgehog sees as an intrusion, and immediately began an active struggle to eliminate an opponent. Despite the small size, the hedgehog fight to the finish, setting in motion not only needles and sharp teeth.

Another hedgehog — a fierce opponent of the serpent, and the way it is they would never relinquish. Specifically for snakes, he does not hunt, as they prefer to eat small insects, worms, mice, also likes to eat berries and eggs of birds. However, if the snake will crawl into the territory of a hedgehog, the fight will happen. Fangs reptile encountered the needle, it loses power in a grueling fight, and by right of conquest hedgehog eats prey, leaving only the head with poisonous teeth, although it has good immunity against poison. Even strong poisons like cyanide and arsenic (albeit in small amounts) hedgehog moves quietly.

Here villagers and choose a such a nice neighbor. Hedgehog and from small rodents blank, and snake runs. Since he by nature selfish, the other animals in the area does not allow the exclusion will only samochki in the mating season.
One can only wonder, looking at this little creature, as it is adapted to a life as he can skillfully deal with their enemies, and the most important — it can help people.

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