Foreign media on Russian fifth-generation fighter and new missile systems

Foreign media on Russian fifth-generation fighter and new missile systems
At an air show «MAKS-2013» Our homeland has introduced new fighters 5th generation and committed the latest missile defense system, which can control the descent several supersonic targets in space.
On «MAKS-2013» presented promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) T-50 and one of the most promising anti-missile defense systems antiaircraft missile system S-500, which refers to the brand new generation of anti-aircraft missiles, the newspaper writes DEFENCE TALK.
Heavy jet fifth-generation PAK FA has been developed according to plan and it should go into service in 2016. PAK FA — comes in promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA T-50).
Russian multi-role fighter of the 5th generation, developed subdivision «United Aircraft Company — OKB Sukhoi», where it passes under the designation T-50. Russian aviation with optimism looking forward.

Fighter fifth generation Sukhoi T-50-5 standard colors painted in the Russian Air Force — gray top and blue across the bottom
The plans of the research and development of aircraft that will dominate the airspace by the mid 21st century. This news comes not long ago. JSC «United Aircraft Corporation» signed a contract with the DoD to 90 billion rubles.
«In accordance with the contract will be in charge of Defense is technology and all necessary equipment for construction and maintenance of aircraft over the next 3 years.» — Commented this news M. Pogosyan.
«Fifth generation drones created on the model of the T-50 aircraft. Weight UAV will be about 20 tons and accordingly many of the properties are identical with TTX aircraft sample «- said Mikhail Pogosyan, the airshow» MAKS 2013 «in Zhukovsky outside Moscow, where they were shown the latest technology of air combat.
«We are working in accordance with the plans developed together with MO. This means that at this stage, a series of preliminary tests. All new developments and services based on technological breakthrough within applets «Fifth Generation», «- said M. Pogosyan agency ITAR-TASS.
In the media there was a note on the next deal at $ 3 billion and poney contract already entered into force. The contract provides for not only the equipment for aircraft maintenance, and delivery to the Russian Air Force 65 new fighter jets by the end of 2013.
Another development has introduced on the market Our homeland sverhtehnologichny weapons — this is one of the most promising anti-missile defense systems.
C-500 — anti-aircraft missile system, refers to the brand new generation of anti-missile system, designed to intercept ballistic missiles and aircraft to protect against distant radar detection system is equipped of early warning and control. Finalized the ability to detect and monitor up to 10 ballistic missiles at once, hovering at a speed of 5000 km / h Service ceiling of 400 km.
According to one of the sources of the S-500 has been developed and entered service in 2017
Foreign media on Russian fifth-generation fighter and new missile systems
Feature of the C-500 is the ability to absolute control over multiple objects at once and the complete exclusion of air space capacity merits of.
Russian Defense Ministry is moving sharp jumps in the design and construction of military equipment — especially with respect to missile defense, given the complicated international situation in the world.
Russian missile plan — this is the answer and the U.S. missile defense in Europe, which for defensive purposes increases defense against unpredictable regimes in Iran and North Korea. Our homeland is safe only with a strong defense system and will not allow anyone to own terrain.
Besides advances and new technologies in the production of fighter achieved 5th generation Our homeland intensively developing drones sixth generation — said last A.N.Zelin Air Force Commander.
Unlike NATO allies who use the South American F-35 5Gs. F-35 Lighting II — F-35 Lightning II — refers to a family of promising stealth fighter-bombers of the 5th generation, developed by the American company Lockheed Martin in 3 variants for the needs of the Navy, the U.S. Navy and England.
Self-sufficiency is an absolute necessity for the Russian Federation and the evolution of the 6th generation neizezhna. As for defense, homeland Our current time in drink-400 Triumph, which acts range of 400 km.
S-400 Triumph — Russian anti-missile system is large and medium-range missiles. SAM last generation, designed to defeat all modern and promising means of aerospace attack — reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium range ballistic missiles, hypersonic goals suppliers noise, aircraft and radar picket guidance, etc.
Any AAMS provides simultaneous shooting to 36 goals with the guidance of their 72 missiles. April 28, 2007 government resolution AAMS «Triumph» was put into service. Russian President Vladimir Putin said: «The armed forces must acquire 28 systems P-400 over the next 10 years.»

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