Foreign Ministry: Azubalis deliberately increasing tension around Belarus

Official Minsk considers the statement of the OSCE chairman, Foreign Minister of Lithuania Audronius Azubalis as an attempt to aggravate tension around Belarus.

This was stated by the Head of Information — spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrey Savin.

"Repeated comments minister Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis reference to some growth, "isolation" of Belarus, which he also spreads "and the leadership and people" can not be regarded as an attempt to Lithuanian OSCE Chairmanship deliberately and artificially escalate tensions over Belarus in the framework of the organization and for what purposes pursued by the Presidency "- said Andrey Savin.

He noted that Belarus "has been and remains an active member of the international community and is open to constructive cooperation within the framework of the OSCE."

The representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said that the specific proposals for this issue previously been officially sent to the current presidency.

On the eve of the conference, held in the University of Vilnius, Lithuanian Foreign Minister, OSCE Chairman Azubalis said that Belarus becoming more closed country and she is "leaning all to greater isolation. This affects not only the leadership, but also on the people."

He expressed regret that the official Minsk does not approve of the activities of the OSCE in Belarus. "Again and again we ask that Belarus changed her mind. She refuses. Pity that the authorities did not approve of their stay in the OSCE Minsk" — said the Lithuanian minister.

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