Friday 11.11.11. Ukrainians are increasingly seeing UFO

November 9, 2011 7:59

In the Dnieper UFO watching UMZ and the airport.

On Friday, the calendars show the date 11.11.11, long agitating the minds of people. Curiously, the closer you are to this day, the more the citizens stated that in various regions of Dnipropetrovsk have seen a UFO. In late October, the unusual bright orange ball floating in the sky, about seven in the evening was seen in the area, etc. Petrovsky. "It was dark, so it is unlikely a weather balloon, which can be seen in the daytime. For a satellite object was flying too low, the aircraft could also be distinguished, because he has the wings flashing parking lights. With a flat rate object quickly flew towards UMZ "- told us 25-year-old eyewitness Oksana.

A couple of days at the train / train station is already a lot of people have seen such a phenomenon. "At the tram stop was about a hundred people, it was just about six hours, when everyone goes home from work. At this time, the sky quickly flew a red-orange something round. At the stop momentarily silence, all looking at the sky. Object quickly enough left in the direction of the left bank. We started to share experiences with a number of women stood, so she suggested that this may be due to some energy canal, which opens Nov. 11, "- said the 36-year-old Lyudmila. A n a town forum topic UFO appeared in the substations.

Dnepropetrovsk ufologist Alexander Kovalev sure splash eyewitness less to do with real hyperactivity of "flying saucers" as with the psychology of people.

"On the Internet and on TV more often exaggerate a topic that we fly to the planet Nubira, threatening Earth collision, and people are increasingly looking at the sky. Human psychology is such that the strange and potentially dangerous is of great interest. And then there's the online community seething with information that allegedly flew to the Earth three huge spacecraft, which have already been close to Pluto. And the shape of the objects similar to the artificially created: one annular, another — an elongated, third — triangular. Official sources hold that it can be. But people want to believe in alien ships "- voiced his opinion ufologist, and added that this year, it came to little more calls from people who saw the alleged UFO in the past. According to Alexander Kovalev, often for extraterrestrial flying ship people take Venus and Jupiter, if not Chinese lanterns. "But there are some interesting cases that can not be explained. In Dnipropetrovsk, often unidentified flying objects seen UMZ and airport staff. And, as world experience shows, it is often as strategic objects UFOs are most interested, "- said the expert.

Lecture on the end of the world

In Dnepropetrovsk planetarium responded quickly to the hype around the next doomsday scenarios, we introduce a special lecture. "In August we held lecture on the mysterious planet Nubira allegedly threatening world catastrophe. And on Sunday, November 13, will lecture on "The sky of the ancient Maya," in which experts will try to dispel myths about the end of the world in 2012 "- told us the planetarium director Julia Zots.

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