From 11 to 18 January in the funnel in Berezniki revealed 11 seismic events

According to OJSC "Uralkali", on January 19, elevation of the water level in the funnel dip in the industrial area Mine 1 was 109.55 m

The level of seismic activity in the area of the failure of the low — events caused by destruction processes in rocks, have been identified.

Continue monitoring the area strewn with craters on the tracks. Over the past week recorded two seismic events. They are caused by shifts in the cup-strewn sand and gravel.

Size of the crater formed December 4, 2011 ABA BSHSU north building on January 19 were 78 to 56 m level of the water is an absolute mark of 108.55 m

According to the results of seismological monitoring from 11 to 18 January in the new crater revealed 11 seismic events associated with the processes of destruction in the loose rocks. Epicenter was located to the north, north-west of the crater and in the eastern side of the crater. One of the recorded seismic events identified as associated with the processes of crack in the rocks. This event occurred in the danger zone to the north of the building ABA BSHSU.

Instrumental monitoring land surface subsidence over the mine flooding performed by the system of 50 monitoring stations, including the profile line, consisting of both ground and wall frames.

From 11 to 18 January in the heart rate of subsidence crater strewn on the tracks were 126-481 mm / month, with the northern and southern sides — 11-40 mm / month.

BSHSU the territory for the period 22 December to 18 January in the area of building subsidence ABA were 38-67 mm / month in the garage area and gym — 17-42 mm / month in the area of buildings and domestic premises RMC RSMU — 2-5 mm / month. Between the building and the ABA ring road subsidence amounted 108-1121 mm / month, between the gym and the funnel on w / e ways — 131-187 mm / month, inside the ring road — 10-16 mm / month.

At the intersection of streets and Telman Bereznikovskaya for the period from December 22 to January 18, sedimentation were 2-5 mm / month.

For the period from 1 November 2011 to 16 January 2012, in the area of the building Berezniki branch of "Galurgiya" sedimentation was 22 mm / month. In the street. Miners settling old — 0-2 mm / month. In the area of house number 8 on the street. Lenin sedimentation rate of 4-8 mm / month.

EMERCOM in Perm region

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