From clothes of the victims, zvineli Cellphones

"Most talked about the fact that the perpetrators will never be found, but soon will be announced" — such talk is heard after the explosion in the subway Radio Liberty correspondent Helen Struve, who was at the epicenter of Minsk events. Her word:

April 11 I stayed at work. My colleague told me about a very interesting Georgia. He recently returned from this country and also brought wine and cheese. Then I went to the station and boarded the train, which, as it turned out, was the second of … thus, who arrived at the station "October" at the time of the explosion. Our train was detained for "Victory Square" on the loudspeaker announced that he would not go anywhere further, and that the movement of trains on the first line of the subway stopped at all.

People began to go upstairs where the siren sounded, and raced down the avenue "fast", fire, machine MOE. I was moving along with those who needed to October. Across the bridge through the Svislach along the circus, up to the Palace of Trade Unions. Such a huge number of people in this desolate place I have not seen.

In the crowd felt some anxiety — and people wondered: probably something serious. The closer to October, the more impressed by a strange sound palette — a mixture of sirens "ambulance" and calls for mobiles. Many called and asked, "Where are you?" Many answered the call, "I'm here. Do not worry." From time to time voices were heard through her tears: "Why do not you answer the phone?"

Closer to the entrance of the underground from which there was a smoke, or thick dust I heard from witnesses that the mobiles, never ceased ringing of the clothing of the victims.

With some girls were hysterical. They were crying loudly on his chest guys. By the way has been burning the skin on their faces, could assume that they recently were still there — at the bottom. One of the girls literally shaking. She told how she had seen at the station severed feet and hands are a mess of blood and flesh …

And yet — are scattered about on the platform of sugar …

Before leaving the station — near the Palace of Trade Unions and Officers are constantly driving up "fast." On the pavement there were many traces of blood. Seriously wounded were lying on the parapet, on the steps near the Palace of Trade Unions.

"Where are the most difficult?" — Ask doctors and Emergency Situations Ministry. Heavily wounded were put on stretchers and easily wounded were asked to wait. "Light" patiently waited.

The avenue has been blocked "fast." Transport did not go. And I, again, the crowd went to the side of Nemiga. This quarter also looked unusually busy here, too, went off scale ringtones for mobiles. All the same answers: "I'm fine." All the same questions: "Where are you?" The same despair, "Well, why-why he (she) is not appropriate?"

It was striking a large number of beautiful faces. The crowd, in which there was no aggression. Strangers just spoke to each other, easily walked to the contact, so maintain themselves and unfamiliar interlocutors.

Somewhere closer to home managed to sit in a crowded trolley. It also discussed the explosion, and still talking about a guy who vyskaknuv for stopping so far. He bought dollars in the exchanger, as a woman, taking advantage of the hustle and pulled out his wallet with the money.

"For whom the attack, and for whom" the successful hunt, "- said a man. Other passengers supported it.

Most spoke about the, that the perpetrators will never be found, but soon will be announced.

"It's all those who now sits in prison, I would have left them there for life. To turbidity of water in our quiet town, — a drunken shouting loudly. Nothing, our father put things in order."

Once it became boring. But she remembered the story of my colleagues about Georgia. Perhaps someone out there has decided that it is not my train. Today I will go to church and put a candle, as advised me to another colleague, St. Nino.

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