Fuel for UFO discovered in Dubna, and Bob Lazar sells chemical reagents

In the spring of 1989 mankind first heard about the American scientists involved in the study of UFOs. About her dangerous and exciting work, he said, speaking in an American radio broadcasts under the name Dennis.

A few months later a mysterious physicist decided to give his real name — Bob Lazar — and give an interview with U.S. television. Videotape of his famous report to the still widespread on the Internet. Specialists who participated in the "most secret project in the world," said he — nuclear physicist and until spring 1989 was engaged in reverse engineering — that is, attempts to define the principle of the engine-alien aircraft.

Lazar said that the work on the "most secret project in history," he began in December 1988, and before that's worked in the Meson Physics Los Alamos (New Mexico). Study an extraterrestrial transport Bob Lazar started in an air base in central Nevada Nellis — the so-called sector S-4. It was he about 15 miles south of the landfill 52 under Groom Lake, where, according to Lazar, designed spy planes and U -2 SR -71.

Participating in a research group to study the "plates" Lazar learned that the fuel for these devices is the then (1989-1991 year) is not an open element 115 of the periodic table — ununpentium (Uup). In its report, Lazar explained that the element — or rather, it is used by aliens isotope, in contrast to most other elements, occupying the last cell of the periodic table, is stable, and is stored in the study of his colleagues' plates. "

About to keep the 105th or, say, the 107th element to speak strongly is not necessary — and he and the other decays within a few thousandths of a second. Thus, the mere statement of wonderful properties unupentiuma caused the scientists questioned. However, many physicists have known hypothesis of "island of stability", which in the early 1980s, shared the prominent Soviet scientist — Academician of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Georgy Flerov. He claimed that several items with the number of over a hundred will be more stable — that is, be able to "live" longer than their neighbors in the periodic table.

Further attempts to verify the information Lazar is even more reason to doubt. Lazar said that he studied at the California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, the list of famous graduates of these schools it was not. However, Lazar has found science journalist George Knapp found mention Bob Lazar in the tax documents of the Air Force United States, as well as — in the phone book, Los Alamos National Laboratory — where he was listed as a technician. Thus, the idea of Lazard that the lists of graduates was dipped in a special order, began to look more plausible. Knapp also unearthed a news article publication "Los Alamos Monitor," in 1982 with reference to Lazar, a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In August 2003, while working in Dubna at the heavy ion accelerator JINR was finally able to element 115. He lived for a relatively long time — as much as 87 milliseconds. Thus, its properties once again confirmed the hypothesis of the "island of stability" and also refuted allegations of Bob Lazar ununpentiuma storage capabilities. Fair to say that scientists do not rule out the possibility of creating a more stable isotope of element 115.

Nevertheless, it is still unclear, the report Bob Lazar is true and what made him decide on such a show. Apparently, he was well educated, and, possibly, the specialty — indeed physicist. Was he aware of the eighties "island of stability", which in those days hardly know ordinary Americans.

Still do not understand why — let Bob Lazar told the honest truth — his report consists of a lightweight, non-fiction pieces for the layman and does not contain well-founded half with formulas and diagrams. Perhaps if his performance would consist of two parts — for the layman and professionals, as available in two versions Nobel press releases — it would be easier to convince their colleagues. Also, surprisingly, after a report he seems completely lost interest in his favorite work. He is not trying to better, fuller and better express their knowledge about aliens and their flying machines, is not seeking somehow join their "secret knowledge" with views of mainstream science and seems to not even interested in the latest sensational research colleagues-nuclear. The fact that the site are solely www.boblazar.com archival material almost two decades ago.

All this suggests that the lack of Lazard in the list of graduates of the famous research and training centers in the U.S. as the California Technology and MIT because he actually finished a more modest establishment. And decide on such a daring step — to publicly declare his secret and dangerous work on the study of flying saucers — he could just for advertising. Because now the once ordinary scientist, who had no serious career prospects and even, perhaps, of great interest to the business, it seems, not only became a world-famous star, but truly found himself.

Bob Lazar now heads the company under the pompous name of United Nuclear, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This organization sells all kinds of chemical reagents for school and university laboratories, powerful magnets and airgel. Currently, the company has "over 300,000 satisfied customers," — many of them school children, students and chemists enthusiasts.

Together with his friend Gene Huff Lazar also was the organizer of the "explosion in the desert" — an annual festival of American fireworks in the Nevada desert. By the way, this festival is held since 1987 — that is, from the time when Lazar, according to legend, was studying UFOs. Since 1991, the festival was named in honor of the "Desert Storm" and from then on it demonstrates man-made explosives, rockets and firecrackers. And yet — who knows? — Can, almost twenty years ago, a modest, but the world-famous entrepreneur proved himself as a fearless scientist, risked his life for the truth?

Angelina Fedorov

Category: UFOs and aliens

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