Fyaduta: Events December 19 steel stress for both the government and the opposition

In the KGB jail I was treated as the other inmates — no conditions are created, but there was no torture.

This was stated by Alexander Fyaduta Radio The radio in an interview.

"I stood at the rastsyazhtsy, but not two hours in the words of Michalevic, not more than three or four minutes. I felt sick, I began to lose consciousness, I was uneasy. "Fyaduta, you feel bad?" — Ask. I did not really hear what I'm told. I was given the time and planted on him when they saw that I was bad. And not because I'm that good — for them I am the same defendant as all the rest. No special conditions are not created for me, but there was no torture. "

No special conditions are not created for me, but there was no torture.

Alexander Fyaduta a lot of weight and physically weak — even the bags into the house helped make the KGB, who brought him out of prison.

"The events of December 19 were stressful for both the government and the opposition, after which it became clear that the situation in the country need to be changed", — said Alexander Fyaduta.

"We all understand that there can not be more so. One can say, that the opposition is bad, the sales that the West supports it, or Russian support, or no support. But the 30,000 people who passed this way — from October Square to Independence Square. And I hope that the authorities will be wise enough and strong enough to transcend their own ambitions, a desire, as they say, all pinched fingers, and draw some conclusions as to what the opposition do need to talk. "

April 8 Fyaduta Alexander was released from the KGB detention center on bail.


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