Fyaduta on the loose

Alexander Fyaduta released on his own recognizance. He was arrested Dec. 20 and held in a KGB prison for more than three months.

His wife, Marina said, "Freedom", which Alexander Fyaduta lost fifteen pounds on himself "with a mustache like cockroaches," but pleased. She also conveyed the request of Alexander Fyaduta not bother him two days;

"He looks pastraynevshym, with a big mustache, like a cockroach … Oh, I have not yet had time to litsazrets him, he was already in the bathroom. Reset all the dirty things and left the balcony.

Nothing yet told us about it have not even talked. It is only 20:07 in the house — how much he spent, it only brought 20 minutes ago.

I came to the house and called me and said: "Marina, would you be home? 'I said,' Yes, I came home." All wet because there was rain. I said, "Please wait, something's wrong, you will be pleased. That's it. Well, of course I guessed.

Today, he is no one to talk to will not need to come in person to myself. "



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