Galina undergrowth: It is terrible to return to Belarus

Gennady Bankevich society — the head of the Belarusian Popular Front Kalvaryiskaya happy, irreplaceable member of the front Diets — applied to work for the good of Belarus' independence as a phenomenon daily, mandatory and they are not less solemn. Gennady was a sign of rallies front. Vladimir Romancev, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF:

"The people who attended the meetings, many remember this man … Not to mention the members of political organizations. Always on the Front rallies took place in front of record, and led to these records Gennady.

Gennady Bankevich at a rally (All photo — from the archives of Mary Bankevich and Galina understory)

I got to know, I remember, at a meeting of the Board of Frunze, the head of which he was then. A large area, a large number of people were — members of the Front and the fans, and it all led. Gennady most directly involved in the work to establish a memorial in Kurapaty. This Chernobyl Way annually Slutskoe armed uprising in the way of the cross Chervene — it's also the work of the Front was. And Gennady was the organizer of the shares. "

Gennady Bankevich — a former military engineer, Lieutenant Colonel, who could live a quieter life as a military retiree, almost two decades of hard work and focused on what has defined a large part of the political life of the time.

Gennady Bankevich (center) gives the oath to serve Belarus. September 8, 1992.

Artist Michael Anempadistov whose father studied with Bankevich in one classroom and life remained a friend, is about Gennady Vladimirovich extremely fond memories:

Michael Anempadistov"One day it was bypassing the upper town, and there was a rally in support of the Upper Town, this campaign has organized" Cleanup ". And from there came back with a completely distinct lifestyle designated citizenship. And it was very important to him starting point. In fact, after that, he quickly moved into the Belarusian language, which was for him of course, because I think that the family spoke Belarusian. He was involved in politics and is very active in politics remained the same as in everyday life. He is a soldier who does the work, because it should be done, which often others do not want to do. He undertook, he performed, he was a very responsible person. "

Rally against the coup, organized by the deputies of the opposition Belarusian Popular Front. August 20, 1991 Speech by Father Andrew Ablameyko.

His family to grow two daughters — the same dedicated Belarus, like his father — but the two do not live in Belarus. Alina was the youngest now in Australia, Melbourne.

Alina and her husband Andrew in Prague. December 2010.

Radio Liberty"How is it that you're both gone from Belarus? '.

Alina Bankevich"It is also very difficult question. When I left, I was 19 years old and I was going to learn, because in Belarus, unfortunately, at the moment I have no other, and such a good chance, it's also because my father was in the opposition. It is also influenced not very good. And so my parents decided — it will just be better if I leave and I will learn. I graduated with honors from the University of Prague. Then, when I was already a long time abroad, has just been formed there as a person. This again is a very difficult question, it is possible to write a great book. But you do not want to change anything. I believe that my parents were really good, I got all I could get. "

A senior Galina, now undergrowth left 12 years ago. He lives in New York.

Galina understory"In my case, my husband had the opportunity to go to America. About a permanent emigration once thought, but if you have a chance to go to America, as it is not used? At first he lived in America, I lived in Belarus for more than 2 years, we have been separated. Well, then I went to see him. "

Galina and Andrew undergrowth, their kids and Danilko Peacock with Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich after his concert in New York. 2009.

Galina says that since 1994, parents have always said that would be even worse, and they did not believe it. But the experience of Gennady Bankevich, born in Western Belarus in 1930, for sure, testified about the other.

Michael Anempadystav"He was always proud of his zapadnobelorusskom origin, even when served somewhere in Russia or Germany because he was a war and it was leaving. Always stressed that his zahodnebelaruskasts as the value.

He told me that when he went there to learn from Belarus, and the school was in Leningrad, then he laughed. They said, "Come on, Gennady, say the word" trapka. " He said the Russians were laughing. He always had a sense of self-esteem, and then another to form a national pride. And as far as I remember him — his childhood, and later on, he always considered himself a Belarusian. "

Road to the Abbot. Gennady Bankevich far right.

Radio Liberty"Galina that gives your children stay in the States?".

Galina understory"When we go somewhere with the kids in the library, the park and the museum and speak Belarusian, many people simply ask, what language you speak — so beautiful sounds. And they begin to ask: where is your country, where Russia, which in its language and what the weather is, how to say "hello." For example, I know that sometimes in Belarus children and adults are met with a negative reaction. Here it is not, and they do not feel "outsiders." Here, many people who come from other countries, raise their children in a foreign language for the Americans, two foreign languages, and this is absolutely normal. "

In the States, Gennady Bankevich born two grandchildren: Pavlinka now 8, and Danilko — 5 years.


Radio Liberty"Peacock, and do you like America?".

Peacock understory"Yes, we have a good school, we still have a nice playground near the house. And we had a nice park if you will pass the road, then you can see a very nice park with a lake. "

The defining feature of his character Gennady Bankevich all my interlocutors referred to his attitude to work and emergency maystravitasts. These qualities Bankevich moved into political life.

Michael Anempadistov"Attitude to work — just a cult. And it's a job well done. I think that this is a national value that would occur more convincingly than this tolerance — which, by the way, it seems to me, and it was not. He defended his own, he is not as omnivores. He was a reserved man, it was a nail. "

Gennady Bankevich with his wife Mary. The end of the 1960s.

Yuri Belenky, Acting Chairman of the CCP BPF: 'Do not ever afraid in the street to stop
the young man, and say, "Why are you in Belorussian not you say? You Belarusian" Every minute, every second man had a job, in principle, to the last days before disease has not crippled it so that even physically could not. If the hospital was, came out of the hospital, says — I led a conversation with the officers, I conducted a conversation with the soldiers told them. Just tell instances such as Russification in the army is. Just like these ordinary Belarusians from the village, they are finally spoke in Russian, called the Political Department, and there choked them: "And if tomorrow the order and will have to perform, so you can not understand." And these soldiers were revealed to him, and age, and the approach he knew, and it is clear that the man is sincere. Maybe no one told, and told him. "

Gennady Bankevich. Grandfathers.

Galina understory"Very often the mother was angry, saying that you've run, home to a paramantavats, herewith. He said it can wait, this is important. " Honestly, I was not even able to think, so that everything can turn around and come to such a low level as now. Reached. Now I remember just like a fairy tale. And we all rejoiced. We never actively participated in the political life of his father, but we have always supported and shared his views.

Gennady Bankevich case for Zeno Pazniak. August 20, 1991

He fought for the very Belarusian classes at school. I remember the time my youngest sister was in high school, and it was a rare school where children could study up to the eighth grade. "

Alina Bankevich she studied at the Belarusian just 8 years of school, which cost parents a daily struggle.

Alina Bankevich"Not all teachers want to teach us in the Belarusian language. For them, it was hard and there was a good training. Probably no textbooks, no more base prepared at this time, there was not a lot of kids who want to study in Belarusian. Simply, it is a time of freedom. Very nice time in my memory.

I think it was the first Belarusian-class, probably, in our area. When I went to school. It was such a scent of freedom, I do not know how this little girl can take, but it was very nice, very interesting. It is very popular with my parents, my father knew this very well, so I also perceived that it is very good. "

Her eight-year-niece Peacock is educated in American schools.

Peacock understory"I go to school, and there are different kids. We have a card, for example, if a green card — it means that you are good, yellow card — it means that you have to stop and think about what you did. "

Radio Liberty"Galina, what do you like the American education?".

Galina understory"Maybe more. And in the same sense, learning, for example, that for admission to college. More choice, better higher education. Compared with those in Belarus is difficult to get that education — I now know that many pay and get paid big money for free is almost impossible to do — that in America the opposite: if you went to a very, very expensive college and your parents it can not pay, the largest part of this amount will be paid by the state. "

Radio Liberty"Peacock, and you were ever in Belarus?".

Peacock understory"No, only when I was two years old, I was very small, so I do not remember anything."

Galina arrived in Belarus before the death of his father, who died in 2006.

Vladimir Romancev"It was because he carried out the task of our political organization. He's just very cold when he went to one of the regions of Belarus. After that, seriously ill for a long time, the disease continued, it became something better, then worse. But when the election was in 2001, he was sick, he had a sore heart. Nevertheless, he went to the collection of signatures for Zenon Pozniak. He sat down on a stool — the heat was so, and he still collected, because he understood the importance and necessity of the case here. "

Galina underbrush and Pavlinka Danilko by 29 Belarusian Congress of North America. New Jersey. September 2010.

Galina understory"And the first time we all thought we'd go back, but to be honest, the developments do not feel like going back now. Just terrible, to be honest, when read the news, watch the video, the pictures of what's going on. It's just scary, it's not normal. "



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