Geomagnetic anomaly or dry thunderstorm over Moscow 13-14.08.2011

Across the sky strange glow, as if thunder and lightning every few seconds. Outbreaks sometimes yellow and reddish.
No thunder, no rain, no wind, the sky overcast.
Began around 23.00 ended at about 04.00 d Never seen!

Videos uploaded by user zveroboyfotog. 


This phenomenon has been observed in different parts of Moscow:

Uploaded MEGABOS86 Strange lightning in Shchelkovo highway




Uploaded bobermaniac1 According to one lightning every 15 seconds from the comfort of home! Moscow, south, facing southeast.



Uploaded inflex56 That is such a thing out of the window (Moscow). The area was Kapotnya
strong lightning, with no rain, no thunder was not. Video without
comments, the rustle of machines and laughter in the courtyard proves the lack of thunder.



Uploaded spamblogger Lightning flashes every 15 seconds. Moscow.


Uploaded lightstebversia Lightning to the east of Moscow region

In the eastern and south-eastern suburbs is a strong thunderstorm.
In Ramenskoye district of lightning, accompanied by rain, light up the night sky every three to five seconds.
It should also be noted that the wind periodically amplified.
However, despite the rampant disaster, metropolitan airports operate normally.

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