Germans handed Golden eclair for the most misleading advertising

The most misleading advertising in Germany was awarded the "Golden eclair." According to the website, first place went to tea Hipp for young children. Instant tea Hipp won among other applicants due to the large amount of sugar in its composition, which is contraindicated for children from one year.
Second place went to semi-finished meat from Netto, the producers of which after the change of packaging increased its price by 30% and reduced the weight by the same amount. The award "Golden eclair" German non-profit organization established Foodwatch, regulating nutrition.

Foodwatch studies the products of German manufacturers, the results of which selects five of them with the false advertising. The winner among the nominees selected based on user defined online voting. Foodwatch established this award in order to influence manufacturers' products are seen for misleading advertising, incorrect description or harmful composition.

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