Giovanna — mother hybrids

Confirmed cases of hybrid bearing children!

It so happened that in his own UFO research, I came to a situation that the classification of UFO appear as a "pin 6 of the first kind." That is, it is sexual contact with the humans of other worlds.

It turned out that such contacts are not as rare as you can imagine. Even in our city I know some of these facts. But for obvious reasons the objects of sexual assault, whether women or sometimes men do not seek to publicize them widely on others. Studying them is important primarily because it is so we can answer the question: why is it done?

Incubator in the flesh

For a long time the evidence of intimacy with strangers could not get. Were emotional and detailed stories of victims were prisoners of ultrasound disappeared three months of pregnancy, but no other traces obscure experiments to do.

And recently, ufologists and the public of Italy received visual confirmation of the mysterious experiments on human beings. On a number of Italian internet sites story covered in detail, including a demonstration of images. For me the translation of websites made volgogradka Svetlana P. Anina.

As it turned out, pretty Italian woman named Giovanna aliens abducted since childhood, and the onset of puberty, it is not just "some" reason finds herself pregnant, but after a couple of months every time the fruit disappeared. This time, something went wrong — a woman had a miscarriage. Giovanna seeing monster, which wore in her womb, she was horrified. And I decided to tell all …

Italian TV started to broadcast the story of Giovanna July 10, 2009 on Italia Uno — is one of the three most popular television channels, known in the country as "channels Berlusconi." Program dedicated to all sorts of mysterious events are once a week, the story of Giovanna broadcast in parts, so it may be some other additions and clarifications.

Giovanna herself sent a letter to TV presenter, explaining why, after years of silence, she decided to speak to the same audience. Her kidnapping, as it turns out, from the age of 4 years (now she is 41). Usually late at night over the private family home of Giovanna fell flying "saucer" was sent out a beam that paralyzes the victim, and it has on board a UFO. "When I was young — says Italian, — the father used to get upset if I am absent for long nights. Course, he thought I was somewhere with a friend, and I was simply kidnapped, and usually lasted for 3 — 4:00 ".

According to Giovanna, aliens — it is absolutely passionless creatures who know neither love nor hate, they do not have any emotions. When she grew up, the kidnappers began to periodically put her in vitro fertilization, but it says Giovanna do "technically", without any sex and emotions. After two months of pregnancy every time they confiscated the fruit and it continued to grow outside the uterus. How this is done, Giovanna knows. She only once showed the child she carried in her womb. Somehow, she felt at once that it was her son. It was partially similar to a human baby, and at the same time he had big green eyes like a stranger …

Such hybrid children from Giovanna, to her knowledge, there were 18. But in this last time something went wrong …

Ultrasound does not "see" the embryo of foreign

Approximately 80% of the abductions were carried out so-called "gray", which is said Giovanna, is neither good nor bad — they are totally unemotional. Some of the UFO researchers believe that these creatures are bred artificially and think like robots: they were invented to travel long distances.

However, according to Giovanna, now it is not the only kind that is engaged in kidnapping on our planet. There are also some other humanoid races are very similar to ours — so that they can be accepted per person. It is possible that in the latter case, which ended in miscarriage, pregnancy at Giovanna provoked no "gray", and these are similar to us newcomers, and something they did not quite work out.

So, once again became pregnant, Giovanna went to the ultrasound. She even kept a picture. But an ultrasound of the fetus is not visible! The doctor said that the so-called "false pregnancy", which a woman on herself. Giovanna doctors did not believe she said that she knows that she is pregnant! And later, she really had a miscarriage of the fetus, which could not be seen on ultrasound.

As it turned out, the fruit was covered in a protective shell, within which the embryo and develop! The photographs show that it is more than strange constitution. One of the researchers of this story, ufologist Pablo Ayo, argues that this hybrid — a very bizarre creature with characteristics of both man and animal. Pablo said that the case of Giovanna is specific — it is unique and very interesting. In essence, three fingers on the thin limbs, big bulging eyes, hollow on the site of the abdominal cavity. Requires a pathologist and other specialists to analyze the materials and take a DNA test. Then, perhaps, we learn that this creature.

They need us …

In a long interview, recorded on video, Giovanna frank answers to the countless questions. Her story, shown on television, had a great response and a lot of controversy. The studio has come a lot of letters from people who claim that they too are facing similar problems, and are now ready to speak openly. Hundreds of people have written that they, too, were abducted by aliens.

According to Giovanna, these creatures can not be otherwise! They therefore need people that they need to create a new hybrid race, as they themselves are no longer able to reproduce itself — because of radiation, from which they suffered during space travel, and in their own worlds with impaired environment. In fact, the human race — the only race that is compatible with them biologically, because we and they have very similar DNA.

From the genetic point of view, we are the biological species, which helps them to update their entire race. However, after creating a new hybrid race to leave Earth, they are not going to — on the contrary, try to take the planet under its full control, and if need be, and strength. "We still have only a year or two, maybe — a little more …" — as if casually let slip Giovanna. But what did she mean? And why two? The woman did not want to continue to spread on the subject. Maybe she is afraid of something …

Giovanna When asked where they come flying creatures who kidnapped her, she replied that "they — here." They came from far away and are not going to leave, they have their bases on Earth and on the Moon, and maybe even on some other planet …

More on the material evidence

At Giovanni are numerous documentary evidence that it happened all those years. After meetings with strangers on the body were strange markings have healed scars — marks surgery, luminous spots. There is a medical certificate, photos, and video. Photographs taken Giovanna and her friend after the abduction, show traces of a substance, a kind of fluorescent substance.

According to ufologist Pablo Ayo, this substance is found not only on the body of the woman, but everywhere in her apartment and in her yard — on land, on the burnt grass around her house. "Yes, the substance that was in my body, this is from their epidermis — says Giovanna. — They say they use it as a disinfectant to during sex will not infect us, or Not to Die."

The material was analyzed in a research institute in Bologna. Laboratory results were shocking. It was found that the material does not contain any substances that would initially shone. Electrons of this powder should be excited or modified under the influence of a very strong magnetic field. In nature there is such a powerful magnetic field. The house Giovanna, of course, and there is no trace of such equipment.

Giovanna can also show the CT scan of his brain, with clearly visible implant in the middle — it's something like a tiny metal capsule. The experts wrote in the conclusion of the "presence of unidentified object." Once the aliens special tool implemented it (through the nose), this implant, it was a time very severe nosebleeds.

On many episodes Giovanna still can not talk without crying. This story has caused quite a contradictory response to the Italians, but the fact that it is true — almost no one doubts. The experiments conducted on human beings … For what purpose?

Text Dmitry Beranger.

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