Going abroad? Look for cash

A number of Belarusian banks introduced the next restrictions for holders of plastic cards. On once it comes to payment transactions on ruble cards outside Belarus. Many banks operations such cards generally suspended, some restrictions apply to a certain amount.

The site of JSC "Trust Bank" message appears: "Since April 11 outside Belarus cease operations (cash withdrawals, payment for goods and services) by means of bank plastic cards are opened in Belarusian rubles." The representative of the commercial "Trust Bank" Ms Catherine explained:

"Until April 11, you can go with the Belarusian card abroad and take, that is, cash, $ 100, and still make a payment for goods or services is also worth up to $ 100. This night. And from April 11, you generally will not be able to carry out transactions on the card, which in Belarusian rubles. Currency exchange transactions shall be suspended. "

Client "Trastbank" Mr. Victor, whose company served "Trust Bank" and that the salary charged to the card, outraged:

"My Card" Visa Electron ". When I betrayed her, saying that because it can be taken in Belarus rubles and currency, and abroad it can be calculated easily. I honestly do not understand the policy of the bank. I need to go on a business trip. Now that I — I can not pay my own money, for example, in Lithuania? It is somehow not serious for "Trust Bank". "Trust", as far as I understand, in English means trust. "

Now that I — I can not pay my own money, for example, in Lithuania?

Besides the "Trust Bank" VTB Bank, "Minsk-Moscow" BTA Bank also "forced to stop processing debit transactions that take place outside of Belarus." An expert in the banking sector, an employee of a foreign bank, Mr. Alexander says to go with the Belarusian card abroad is not safe:

"Now just a preventive solution will block all your cards. If you have a card ruble — basically forget that you can pay it. If you have a multi-card, so let's call it — that is, it lies rubles, but you published it as a currency, that is, it was assumed that your ruble could always convert into any foreign currency, not necessarily in the U.S., but also in literature or in anything else — you can forget it now. If you are going somewhere abroad, somehow looking "cache" — cash money. "

Some banks (in particular, "Priorbank") for owners so-called gold and platinum cards provide special conditions. But this does not apply to ordinary customers, explains the expert in the banking industry, Mr. Alexander:

"Let's say I'm very profitable for the bank customer, I spend a lot of money, a lot of income, I have served in this business bank account. Of course, I can not come as a VIP-client and try to agree to take a specific amount of money — a certain limit specified in the amount of about 10 thousand dollars. But, believe me, if you are a simple man in the street who does not have operations in the hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, business operations, you as an individual will say, likely"It's impossible."

ATM now you will not be able to take advantage of currency ATMs are not loaded.

Approaching it's time to leave, a lot of people going abroad. The employee "Trust Bank" Mrs. advises start currency cards and replenish their only currency, then you can go with them abroad. But it is only responsible for your bank. In Belarus, remove the foreign exchange currency cards "Trust Bank", if it is, can only be in the bank:

"ATM now you can not take advantage of currency ATMs are not loaded. Those customers who have a currency card, they come to the bank and take off. That is, the currency can be removed only if you have a card in the currency. "

The power is trying by all means to pull the enterprises and citizens currency. An expert in the banking sector, Mr. Alexander opined:

"In the country the situation is very complicated. On Thursday sent a telephone message to all companies to provide information about the availability of currency in the accounts. Virtually all enterprises, regardless of ownership. This is an indication that any means looking for foreign exchange reserves. Therefore, the situation is bad, to put it mildly. "



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