Gold of the Gods. The aliens among us

In my opinion, this is the most insane and pointless story of our time. It seems implausible, improbable, but I was her witness. I have pictures. This is not a dream, not a hallucination, and unconditional reality: on the South American mainland deep underground is a giant network of galleries, a labyrinth thousands of kilometers! In Peru and Ecuador, hundreds of kilometers of tunnels have been investigated. But it was only a modest attempt, and it has attracted the attention of specialists.

July 21, 1969 Argentine Juan Moritz notarize in Guayaquil Mr. Gustav Falconi act in which he shall make known to the state and the future generations of their rights to own his discovery of underground utilities. The basis for this act were the numerous certificates compatriots Maurice, who were aware of his research. Here are excerpts from that document:

I, Juan Moritz, Argentine citizen, was born in Gongri, passport N 4361689 … On the east of the province of Morona Santiago, in the equatorial part, I had made a discovery of great interest to history and culture. It is a metal plates engraved with historical prophecies vanished civilization. Of its existence no one guessed, since to date no trace found none. Plates and other items have been found in many different galleries. I made this discovery, doing as ethnologist Ecuadorian folklore and tribal dialects

I discovered things can be divided into two main categories: 1. Stone and metal of various sizes and colors. 2. Metal plates with engraved signs. Apparently, this is the real metal library, which gives a brief history of mankind. And this library with the prophecies of the lost civilization could shed new light on the history of mankind.

In accordance with the Article 665 of the Civil Code, I am the legal owner of the items I found. But as my find is undeniable interest to the history of civilizations, and taking into account the fact that the land where they were found, I do not belong, then, in accordance with Article 662nd data treasures remain private property, are transferred to state control.

Based on the above, I have the honor to request that His Excellency the President to appoint a special commission, which could test and evaluate me as an important discovery. I undertake to inform the Commission about the exact location of my study time donastoyaschego tunnels and give her the items discovered.

We were in the province of Morona Santiago, in the triangle with vertices — Gualakiza, San Antonio and Yaupi. Here, in the center of the triangle, populated inhospitable Indians, is the entrance to the maze. Huge opening, like a portal, hacked in the thickness of the rock. Finally … we plunged into complete darkness. Worn over the head chaotic bird. We lit lanterns. Before we opened up the hole, drifting downwards. On that narrow the well with a simple rope down to the flat area at a depth of 80 meters. Followed by two more on the descent of 80 meters each. Here begins our introduction to the world, created thousands of years ago is now a forgotten race.

Undoubtedly, it is not about natural formations: the underground corridors severely curtail the right angle, they — the broad, narrow walls everywhere but smooth as polished ceilings perfectly aligned and if lacquered. It was like a bomb shelter, had he not been at a depth of 240 meters!

We have before us a huge room, the size of a hangar for the jet. It reminded me and a certain store. From it in all directions climb stairs. I look at the compass. He still. I shake his hand but did not move. Moritz, silently watching me for a while, said: "This device is useless. Compass Work prevents radiation. As for the radiation — do not know, I'm not strong in this area …" At the entrance to one of the side galleries is a human skeleton from head to foot, wrapped in a thin gold film.

We opened the hall majestic proportions and striking beauty. I think the height is 140-150 m, which immediately led to the association with the Moon Pyramid at Teotihuacan. Its dimensions were approximately the same. But whatever it is, so here are unknown or the creators of these colossal structures or facilities which allow them to erect. In the center of the hall table. But the table is it? Sure, if we judge by the chair in along it. But the chairs it? Assume that the chairs. They are made of stone? No, they do not have the cold stone. From a tree? No. If they were made of wood, they would not have stood for so long. So, maybe they made of metal? Hardly. At the touch of it, rather, a synthetic material, but solid and heavy as metal. Chairs for the statues of various animals: lizards, elephants, lions, jaguars, camels, bears, monkeys, bison, wolves, and even snails and crayfish. Both predators and victims are next, like brothers. They are not divided into pairs, as in the images of Noah's Ark, is not a classification by type or leave, as would have made it a zoologist, did not see the desire to observe what else the criteria of natural evolution. This is just randomly picked a zoo with animals of molten gold.

It was in this room and there is a treasure of treasures — the metal library, referred to in the title deed. I do not know with what it is like? Opposite the zoo and table meetings in the hall and there is this unprecedented library, which is a thin metal plate and sheet format 96h48 see What is a metal? How thin sheets of metal, like a thick plate, stand on the edge, close together like a giant brochure? On each plate — carefully, as if stamped marks. Moritz has not engaged in counting the pages of the library, but believes that their number exceeds a few thousand. Graphic signs on metal plates is unique, but I am sure that this mystery will not be difficult at professionals paleography.

The walls are bare and galleries, there is no rock paintings in the underground vaults of the Royal valley near Luxor, as, by the way, and in a great many prehistoric caves around the world. But every now and then come across statues of stone.

Moritz showed me a stone amulet in 12 cm high and 6 cm wide. The front of the amulet is carved figure of a man with a hexagonal body, round head, in his right hand — the moon, on the left — the sun. But the most surprising — a figure defies earthly hemisphere! This means that our ancestors — or at least some of them — in that distant era when primitive cut silhouettes on the rocks, knew that they live in a kind of balloon? On the back side of the amulet and bryzzhuschee crescent sun.

Animal, possibly a dinosaur, is carved on a tile width of 29 cm and a length of 53 cm These primitive giants walk with longer hind legs. The colossal size of the animal, which sends a powerful perspective drawing, three-fingered forelimbs further confirm my hypothesis.

In front of me — the skeleton of a man carved in stone. He has ten pairs of ribs. Where did these sculptor knowledge of anatomy? He dissected the body, and they served him a model?

The square room Moritz drew my attention to the dome. Figures with sullen facial expressions, in pointed hats seem to stand on guard around the perimeter of the dome, in the hands of each object, resembling a sword. Closer to the top of the dome as if floating light silhouettes.

Sits on a stone pedestal shape like a clown, with a huge bulbous nose, wearing a helmet, which nalezaet on the ears. On earlobe trinkets, surprisingly reminiscent of our handsets. To the front of the helmet fastened round capsule with a diameter of 5 cm and 1 cm thick, fitted along the length of the holes in the form of plug connectors. Hanging on the neck chain. On this thread — another round capsule, with the same holes, it looks like the dial of a modern phone. Terrific apparel dwarf is composed of many parts, down to the gloves to protect from hazardous for skin contact. All of this is associated with the spacesuits astronauts today.

The statuette winged mother at the hands of a child sitting in a helmet, I do not have paid attention if it had not seen the exact same clay figurine at the American Museum of Madrid.

…talk about two meters two sculptures, one of which has three heads, and the other — six. Describe and triangular plates coated graphic signs, stone cubes with geometric shapes on the edges, flat stone length of 114 cm and a width of 24 cm, curved like a boomerang and covered with innumerable stars …

No one knows who built these underground galleries and halls. No one well-known sculptor who created the mysterious figures and intricate shapes. But another consideration is worthy. Builders dungeons totally relate to the work of the sculptor. Galleries and museums, rather strict, unadorned, in sharp contrast with a very detailed sculptural style. It seems that the items in the rooms are not in place and were not originally intended for them.

Once a year, on March 2, at the threshold of spring, tribal chief down to the first platform and reads the prayer there as a tribute to ritual, existing from time immemorial. On cheeks leader shows the same symbols that are carved on the rock at the entrance to the labyrinth. Keeper of the labyrinth, even today are made from wood statuettes of people with long noses (masks?) And, convinced Moritz, discussing among themselves the incredible feats of flying creatures that occasionally descended from the sky. Not for the world would not risk the Indians to accompany you on the catacombs. They believe that the caves are inhabited by spirits.

Greatest treasures extracted from the underground maze of galleries, there is a North American museum exhibitions where one could hope to find. To see them, it is necessary to go in the back yard of the poor Mary Oksiliador in Cuenca (Ecuador). The Church, in question, is located at an altitude of 2500 meters and is a place of pilgrimage. Reverend Father Carlo Crespi, who collected the exhibits this priceless collection, here for 45 years, lives in Kuanke. He has always maintained a close friendship with the Indians, they and still bring him items of gold and silver, amounting to a remarkable collection of … The most beautiful of the exhibits — this stela height 52 cm, width of 14 cm and a thickness of 4 cm on the stele depicts 56 squares, each of which is a graphic sign. This is exactly the same characters as the metal plates of the library. Was it an alphabet of 56 letters or characters, lets talk about writing?

"And the lady you saw?" — Asked Moritz and drew my attention to a massive gold statue of 32 cm in height, her head is composed of two overlapping triangles, one — upside down, the other — the top. We ladies have wings. Some rope out from her ears. It seems that it is not jewelry: rings decorated earlobes. Moreover, the figure has perfect proportions, her beautiful breasts, and she stands firmly on his feet wide apart. The ball over the head figurines, her shoulders framed star ornament. What a mysterious part? Picture of a distant era? Amazon, which came from another world? Gold disc 60 cm in diameter is hardly shield, however, most international archaeologists would call exactly this subject. In my opinion, this is too heavy. In addition, the reverse side of the disc completely smooth, without any trace of the handle. In my opinion, this CD is not only a decorative item, it contains a message, but we can not read it. The front side features two creatures like tadpoles, two smiling sun smiling crescent moon, a big star, two human faces triangular. In the center — a point located so that they give the ensemble harmony. But these points there is a value, they perform functions that go beyond the purely aesthetic problems.

Father Crespi hands me a heavy gold plate: "Hold, my young friend, this will interest you. She came to us from the flood." The plate shows three figures, they are sitting at the table, speckled variety of characters. Three pairs of identical eyes looking at me. One of the characters indicates a hand on the ball. One on the right, dressed in overalls, sewn on the sides, and on his head a star with three rays. Two spherical bodies hung over the table. What is this table and what the symbols mean that it is covered? They are similar to Morse code, with its dots and dashes. On closer examination, the thought comes to mind about a flight magazine or book orders.

Kind of gold in the back yard of Mary Oksiliador dizzy. It was one of the strongest intoxication that I have ever experienced in my life, hundreds of gold plates, the stars, the sun, the new moon and … snakes, crowning this character set space navigation.

Golden bas-relief depicting a pyramid. Two snakes climbing up the walls of the pyramid. Again, two suns, two strange creatures, as if coming from other worlds, two deer and two circles in the center of which stand point. Do not indicate whether the number of circles on the astronauts buried in pyramids?

Another gold plate with the image of a pyramid. Two characters jaguar speed — climb to the top. At the base of the pyramid graphic symbols on the left and right — the elephants, and they lived in South America 12,000 years ago, that is, at a time when there was no civilization. And the snake. They occupy a place that belongs to them by right, in the sky!

In the book, Robert Sharru rulers of the world shows that the ancient texts abound with stories of glowing snakes floating in space. Phoenicians and Egyptians treated snakes and dragons as a deity; snake was placed under the sign of fire, because it was attributed to the ability to develop incredible speed with just one movement. Sharru quotes Gerakliopolisa of Ares, who says: The first and foremost among the gods — a snake-headed vulture. When she opens her eyes, the light comes on an ancient land, and when she closes her eyes, goes dark. Sanhunyaton ancient writer, who lived in 1250 BC Beirut, has devoted his efforts Phoenician history and mythology. Sharru lead following his statement: The first and the main deity — the snake's head hawk. When she opens her eyes, the light fills the whole earth, and when she closes her eyes, comes the kingdom of darkness. What kind of snakes, behaving so unusual! Has anybody ever seen a snake that had not moved on all fours? And why do these indispensable description of snakes in all the narratives associated with the creation of the world?

To somehow understand our ancestors, we must try to look at things through their eyes. If our ancestors saw in the sky flying bird, even the most unusual, they called it on their inherent language of birds. But how can it be called an unknown subject, unknown phenomenon or reality, for which they did not have the words and concepts, there was no means of expression?

On objects in the underground galleries, which I visited with Maurice, a gold disc and plate Reverend Father Crespi shows many snakes — they crawl to the top of the pyramid, fly in the sky, leaving a fiery tail, resting on the heads of the deities. Here, as in other mythologies, you will not see the usual image snake that is crawling grass on the trunk of the tree, swallowing a mouse. Dragon and, especially, the snake, no doubt, are the figurative expression of space phenomena.

Prehistoric evidence reflect different points of view … the snake (and dragons) are related to the Creation of the World; … snakes (and dragons) are connected with the stars; … snakes can fly, snakes … smelly and fiery breath.

Search in ethno-archaeological literature for details on the problem of snakes in mythology and legends — a wasted effort. This gap is worthy to eliminate it.

Gold plates Reverend Father Crespi sorted by genre, and each genre is a mountain. One of the most important meetings — this is a plate with a picture of the pyramids. I have carefully examined the forty plates … Image pyramids have four things in common: 1. Over the pyramid there is always one or more suns in different positions. 2. At or near the pyramid there are always snakes. 3. Always have images of various animals. 4. All the pictures of the pyramids present a greater or lesser number of identical circles with the center point of the marked circle on one of the plates, I counted at least 9, and in one — 78. Only in Cuenca on subjects from the Reverend Father Crespi and the plates are found in underground halls such images.

Point in the circle can be seen in almost all pre-historic monuments: the frescoes in the grottoes, carved stones, carved metal. By all accounts, a circle with a dot in the center of the sun is a symbolic notation. I'm not sure about the validity of this interpretation. Often the circle with a dot in the center is adjacent exactly the same image. Remember the many smiling sun, radiating warmth and light. But then what do these circles? Do not indicate whether the number of astronauts or spacecraft, seen in the heavens? Do not indicate whether they are located on the sides or the pyramids themselves — by the number of other gods who were buried there? In any case, I am convinced that these circles is the number.

As for the explanation, that the points in the center — it is a symbolic image of the sun, the neighborhood with more realistic images, I find it too easy. Message of our ancestors did not belong to the category of easily readable.

Animal images also contain interesting puzzles. At the foot of one of the pyramids show two adorable little elephant. Fine. Indeed, in North America and Mexico were discovered skeletons of elephants, and the remains were able to date. Them at least 12,000 years. By the Age of the Incas, a civilization which refers to 1200 AD, elephants disappeared a long time ago in the Americas. They were no longer there, and it is an established fact. But then how to solve this puzzle? Or the Incas visited African guests and engraved them a gift on a gold plate elephants, or these plates at least 13,200 years.

…history of the pyramids is also far from clear. It is believed that South American, Central American pyramids, like the ones that were built Mayan monuments are of a different kind than the Egyptian pyramids. In Egypt, these colossal structures were graves, and here the top of these giant structures were temples. However, the pyramid on the gold plates Reverend Father Crespi refute this opinion. None of them has a truncated top, served as a temple. All the pyramids pointed as Egyptian. Who first built these structures — the Egyptians or Incas? Forgery, late imitation? Impossible. Forgers would take gold much more than it has ever been in FortNokse, for example. Moreover, they would be required hordes of artists, with a profound knowledge of the art of ancient civilizations

In January 1972 at the Congress of Andean archeology in Lima exploded a bomb, when Peruvian anthropologist Victoria de la Jara announced that it has evidence confirming the existence of a written language of the Incas. Geometric symbols (squares, triangles, dots, lines, and so on) on the objects and monuments of the Incas are graphic accounts of historical facts and legends. Besides Incas indulged and such fine genre of art, like poetry, and grammar was not unknown for them to science. Report by Mrs Victoria de la Jara called applause.

I saw three of reduced aircraft models! The first is in Bogota and is open to the public. The second is kept in the collection of the Reverend Father Crespi. The third is acquired at a depth of 240 m in a maze, in which I went along with Maurice. Scale model from Bogota archaeologists attributed to the category of religious jewelry. So much the worse for them. Aerotekhnika experts consider this scale model aircraft. Here is the opinion of Dr. Arthur Poysli Institute of Aeronautics in New York: It is unlikely we are talking about some kind of a bird or flying fish. This item is made of pure gold was deep under the Colombian land, and you can swear that the artist has never seen saltwater fish. Similarly, it is difficult to imagine a bird with wings absolutely straight, equipped to the same vertical ailerons stabilization. The nose of the model is massive, as the American bomber B-52. Cockpit, covered with glass, stands on the bow machine fuselage rests on two straight, slightly curved bearing surfaces. Two stabilizing aileron complete the scale model aircraft Incas. How can you talk about the birds and flying fish, when we are in fact reduced model airplane?

Among the objects of cosmological treasure collected in the Church of Mary Oksiliador, there is a massive golden ball, surrounded by a wide margin. Ahead of absurd objections, I will say that this is not a plastic picture hat with a wide brim. Even refined head, as the head of the Turks, are ill-suited for such a convex hats … The most amazing thing in this whole story, how the model of this amazing hit areas in Turkey and how she ended up in Ecuador! But the fact remains: the matrix areas, carved in stone, is in a museum in Istanbul, that is 12,000 kilometers from Cuenca! .. It's like a ball of negative golden treasure Mary Oksiliador: concavity, exactly proportional to the volume of the ball, a geometric pattern is the same.

Under the matrix of the stone in the museum of Istanbul you can see the following table: Do not be classified. Science long ago abandoned the idea that in the past could be aircraft. Once upon a time considered an undeniable fact that modern man first conquered the air space and outer space. So where did the museums take things could not be classified? Prejudice uprochayutsya, puzzles are multiplying in secret becomes more difficult to penetrate. I will not say that scientists do not have the imagination, but it is their nerve. There are worked out in advance the scheme, and all the facts must necessarily in her pack. And if the fact does not fit into the scheme, it should be left to the side with the stigma of not classifiable. In my opinion, this is not the best way out. In any case, this system operates smoothly.

I photographed in Cuenca gold plate height 52 cm, it depicts a human figure of normal proportions. Amazingly only that the arms and the legs have four fingers. Interestingly, in ancient India, the Etruscans, the Maori and other places on the numerous images of humanoids there is the same number of fingers.

As for the golden figure of Cuenca, then, according to Father Crespi, it portrays God more light. In his right hand the god holds a bizarre animal — a mixture of sea horse, snakes and a parrot. In his left hand he had a kind of scepter surmounted by the emblem of the god — the sun shining. The lower part of the knob of a head of the snake. Round jolly head surrounded by rays of divine stars. The same stellar head characteristic of the two Australian colleagues god of the Incas. These divine beings are found in one of the caves Australian savannas are, however, some extra touches: they belted jumpsuits and wide belts. These are two mythological figures of prehistoric Australia, called two divine beings, and they are dressed in overalls, belts, hats to them in the form of stars, like the star god of the Incas.

Masterpiece collection Reverend Father Crespi — gold embossed plate size 98h48h3 see is impossible to describe all the rich detail of this beautiful piece. Just list what the artist depicted: a star, a creature with a big belly and tail of a serpent, krysopodobnoe animal, a man in armor and helmet, a triangular shape with perforated stomach, a figure with a triangular head in the stellar halo, the two faces, the face behind the wheel of the birds; Snakes head with hair and without, a snake with a human head, face, translucent from another person; double circle in which is inscribed face. Chaos! In the center of the two golden columns, between which one can see the face, bent over the incident, a bomb! What a message to us an artist? He portrayed the hell? Does he not captured forever the memory of the moment when God stars suddenly puts an end in a riot?

Not far from here, in the Peruvian Andes, the Spanish captain Francisco Pizarro (1475-1541) discovered on Mount Huascaran Incas, nA altitude 6768 meters, underground galleries. They blocked the entrance to the huge stone slabs. Spaniards have suggested that they're food stores. Only in 1971, in caves of the Incas down cavers. Magazine Bild der Wissenschaft told on the pages of this expedition. Cavers descended into the earth near the Peruvian town Otutsko. A 62-meter depth awaited them discouraging discovery that their way was blocked by a sealed door, consisting of two giant stone sash height of 8 m, a width of 5 m and a thickness of 2.5 m, however, the efforts of four people was enough to open them. Giant leaf resting on spherical stones, constantly irrigated with water from a source close to the striker, and therefore easily rotated.

Bild der Wissenschaft wrote: On the other side of the door is opened a deep tunnel that can make pale with envy modern builders of underground utilities. Underground gallery steeply goes down — the angle is 14 ° — parallel to the slope. Paul faced with stone slabs, often wet, but very slippery. And when overcome today underground tunnel of a few hundred kilometers to the very end, which is 25 m above sea level, it does not give credit to people that in XIV-XV centuries. delivered on his values, saving them from the greed of Pizarro and the Viceroy of Spain! At the end of the underground galleries Guanape — so the island near the coast of Peru, where, allegedly, takes the tunnel — noisy ocean. In the darkest depths of the mountain corridor up and down many times, and suddenly there was a dull roar, like the surf pounding against the rocks. In the spotlight is splashing pitch black water. Sure, it's salt water. The tunnel terminates at the coastline. Maybe one day it will continue?

Specialists are useless disputes on the island Guanape have found no trace of the output of the tunnel. Do not know where is this underground path laid by the Incas and their predecessors. It is not known whether these corridors ending what some hiding places, where for centuries collected and preserved treasures.

I believe that these tunnels existed for thousands of years before the Inca Empire. Consider how the Incas were able to dig hundreds of miles of underground tunnels, remember just how much controversy and opinions evoked project tunneling under the English Channel! But our technical means do not go to any comparison with the means of the Incas!

In 1570, the Spanish historian Father Cristobal de Molina became interested in underground galleries and their treasures. In his work at Ritos fabulos de los Incas, published in 1572, Molina says that the Father of humanity hid in the caves after he had finished the creation. This mysterious asylum owe their birth to numerous people who came out of a kind of eternal night. Molina also said that the subterranean galleries and halls for centuries served as a storehouse for the treasures and refuge from possible attacks. Cruel law is death who inadvertently talk about dungeons among the uninitiated. The extent to which the law remains in effect, I was able to see in 1972 in Ecuador!

An experienced and well-versed in the nature and quality of things from dungeons, Reverend Father Crespi, the Vatican envoy and new keeper of the Grail, declared proudly about these treasures: All that the Indians gave to me and what they learned from the depths of the labyrinth, dating back to Christmas! The greater part of the gold plates with characters and prehistoric objects belong to a time before the biblical flood.

All items in the dungeons and Peru can be divided into three categories: 1. The legacy of those who built this incredible underground labyrinth. 2. Carved stone sculptures, the first intelligent beings who, in all probability, were disciples of tunnel construction. 3. Inca objects of gold and silver hidden in the dungeon after 1532 to protect them from being looted by the conquistadors. But the main question remains: who built the underground labyrinth and for what purpose?

In the Tibetan Book of the crypts of the Millennium kept Zen. It copied many times, and more than one generation, and every scribe brings in something, despite the secret doctrine, that this book is the first evidence of the devastating battles of the past. Incomplete copy of the Book of Zen made in Sanskrit and bore the imprint of experience from around the world. Experts agree that the Book of Zen segment covers human evolution in a few million years.

Here is an excerpt from the sixth stanza Books Zen: In the fourth (the world) sons were ordered to create beings in his own image and likeness. One third of them refused, two thirds obeyed. Accident happened … The oldest wheel zavraschalis up and down. Fill in all the seed. There was a battle between the creators and destroyers, the battle for dominance in the world. A seed is thrown again and again. Do the math, Lano, if you want to know the real age of your wheels …

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead mighty god Ra fights with his children otstupnikami. The story of this lay in the tomb next to the mummy, the instructions in this book should help the deceased to reach their new abode in another world. Still it says that the god Ra never once left their eggs worlds.

Zeus himself, the mighty ruler of the gods, had to share power with his brothers Hades and Poseidon. God is light, if to judge by its name, Zeus appears in the works of Homer (800 BC. E.) As a god, the clouds gather, thunder breaks out and used in the fight against their enemies lightning.

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