Gorki owner came out of the poster to the PMK

Entrepreneur Andrew Bozhko through hunger strikes and pickets trying to make semi-annual payments of its debt to private enterprise "IBA Cleopatra +" from Gorki PMK number 1.

This morning Bozhko Cost of a poster at the entrance of the administrative building PMK.

The head of state enterprises did not return calls, but is in his office. In the morning met him Gorki editor of the independent newspaper "The Hill." She confirms that he ignores the calls. According to the journalist, entrepreneur share PMK leader calls a child's game, but recognizes the debt. Promises to pay, when will the money.

In the department of economy Goretskogo executive committee of the requirements of the entrepreneur does not know. Do not know about the rally. Promise to understand. Meanwhile Andrew himself Bozhko going to complain to the prosecutor.

Private Enterprise "MBA + Cleopatra," according to Andrew Bozhko, fulfilled the conditions for subcontracting with MVP in the joint-stock company "Alexandria" — did the interior design houses. The businessman said that the leadership of PLA argues the non-payment of funds so that it is not paid off, "Alexandria".

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